Export Control Compliance

Since 1993, CTP has provided export control compliance services to public and private sector clients, covering both ITAR and EAR regulations. Our comprehensive services include commodity classifications, export licenses, tailor-made policies and procedures, compliance audits, and customized training sessions. We work on a simple time and materials basis and often assist clients repeatedly once we address their initial needs, working like adjunct staff. Beyond supporting exporters directly, we also provide specialized assistance to law firms in areas like classification and licensing, as well as due diligence for Voluntary Disclosures and CFIUS reviews.

CTP Export Control Compliance

Export Classification Using USML and CCL

Export control classification, also known as commodity classification, is the critical starting point for exporters navigating U.S. compliance regulations. Why? Because these precise technical determinations define which regulations (ITAR vs EAR) apply, what type of licenses the company will require, which licensing portal (DECCS or SNAP-R) to utilize, the availability of exceptions or exemptions, and the presence of licensable technology. Whether you're dealing with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of items, CTP's experienced engineers provide rapid classifications and reduced risk. Our experts work in all categories of the USML and CCL, classifying your products, technologies, services, and software and providing detailed reports explaining our process and rationale. Whether you need assistance with your entire inventory or classification on an "as-needed" basis, think of CTP's services as an extension of your team, always ready to classify new items or assist law firms with CFIUS reviews.


Export Licensing Consultants (DECCS & SNAP-R)

Over the past 30 years, CTP experts have helped hundreds of clients navigate the export licensing process, providing classification determinations, advising on the use of license exceptions or exemptions, and then completing the applications directly or guiding clients line by line. We are equally fluent with licensing military (USML) items within the DECCS portal and dual-use items (CCL) within the SNAP-R portal. If you're not yet set up with DDTC (military) or BIS (commercial) accounts, we can take you through that process to get you registered and operational. Fun fact: CTP was founded by a former BIS licensing officer, Tom Fergus, and we are proud of the continuing service we provide in export licensing.

Dive deeper into our specialized ITAR and EAR services to discover how CTP can streamline and safeguard your international trade compliance processes.

ITAR Compliance Services

When exporting military items as a defense contractor, manufacturer, or distributor, adhering to ITAR compliance guidance is essential to preventing export violations. CTP experts will guide you through the essential steps: commodity classification, DDTC registration, export licensing, denied party screening, and record-keeping. Our team is well-versed in both the technical and regulatory complexities of ITAR, and our services will help you understand and implement the necessary compliance procedures. Our comprehensive ITAR training will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to comply with ever-evolving regulations and maintain a strong and reputable position in the global market.


EAR Compliance Assistance

Since certain commercial items can be repurposed with malevolent intent, there are unique export controls for these so-called “dual use” items. CTP experts know both the technical and regulatory aspects of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and we can guide you safely and efficiently through the complex world of dual-use compliance. Whether you're an OEM, an exporter, or a distributor, we can help you understand and comply with all aspects of EAR compliance. From ECCN classifications to SNAP-R licenses, we’ll help you develop up-to-date procedures tailored to your company. We will train your team to use and refine these procedures as your business grows. EAR compliance should be effective, efficient, and resilient, responding to the internal and external transitions that affect all companies.


Export Compliance Policies & Procedures

At every stage in the business cycle, from R&D and sales to final delivery, exporters must comply with the applicable U.S. export regulations, be they EAR or ITAR. The government strongly recommends that companies develop procedures for all critical compliance tasks (classification, licensing, screening, technology controls, and more) and then compile them into an export control manual that employees can reference to perform these tasks. To help with this requirement, CTP has developed templates to make these procedures simple, effective, and inexpensive. We work first with a client representative to customize these templates to the details of the company (products, org chart, IT system, etc.). We follow up with general and task-specific training to ensure a successful launch. Beyond that, we recommend periodic assessments to ensure these compliance procedures are followed regularly and effectively.


Customized Export Control Training

When building or refining compliance policies and procedures, it's essential to solidify them with targeted export control training. This is another area where CTP shines. First, we stress that all staff members should grasp the foundational concepts sufficiently to identify potential violations, known as "red flags." Next, for those with distinct compliance roles, CTP’s specialized training ensures that these appointed experts understand their tasks and how they fit into the overall compliance program. Finally, we offer bespoke sessions for Executives to discuss the possible transition events (new products, changing regulations, personnel changes) that could drastically affect compliance readiness. Each company is unique, and we provide training solutions to match the budget and needs.


Help with Embargos, Sanctions & Restricted Party Screenings

Navigating the waters of embargoes, sanctions, and denied parties can be daunting for companies, particularly in these fast-moving and complex times. Many executives know the Why but not the How of effective screening and want guidance to avoid the significant risks of violation. CTP’s restricted party screening services are tailored to help organizations deal with these challenges most effectively. Whether you need assistance refining your current processes or require hands-on help implementing new ones, our services will be tailored to your unique needs. Whatever the solution, we will provide the training necessary to ensure familiarity with both the process and the potential pitfalls. Trust CTP to safeguard your operations from the expense and negative publicity of a trade violation.


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We have been helping clients overcome short-term and ongoing Export Control Compliance challenges since 1993.

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For Effective Compliance Solutions, Call the Experts at CTP

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