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Comprehensive ITAR Compliance Consulting Services by CTP

Compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a critical requirement that underpins the security of your operations and the nation's interests. With over 25+ years of dedicated expertise, CTP helps companies achieve and maintain export compliance procedures that navigate the intricacies of the ITAR regulations. Our specialized consulting services provide businesses with the essential knowledge and tools they need, including commodity classification, export licensing, denied party screening, record keeping, and operational training.  Once your ITAR compliance is established, we will work with you afterward to  assist or advise with transition events.

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Precision in Export Compliance – Trusted Advisors for USML Category & ITAR Classification

We specialize in providing jurisdiction and classification determinations for items on the United States Munitions List (USML).  Following the mandated Order of Review, we will first compare the technical characteristics of each item to the pertinent sections of the USML to see if it is “described” there. If not, we go next to the Commerce Control List (CCL) to see if the item matches any of those control list entries. Accurate jurisdiction and classification determinations are the starting point of export compliance since they determine the applicable regulations and specific requirements. With CTP as your trusted expert, you can stride forward confidently, knowing your classifications are accurate and your compliance requirements have been met, enabling you to safely focus on your international growth plans.

Empowering International Trade with CTP's ITAR Export License Support

With 25+ years of unrivaled experience, we are a premier provider of comprehensive ITAR export licensing solutions. We confirm or determine your classifications on the USML, check for licensing requirements and possible exemptions, then proceed to the actual licensing if needed. We can help you register with DDTC, set up in the DECCS licensing portal, and then either take you through the license applications line by line or simply prepare the application on your behalf. Our seasoned consultants know both the technical and the regulatory aspects so they can ensure compliance and efficiency at every step. ITAR awareness and accurate licensing are both critical components of your exporting strategy and our seasoned experts provide a wealth of compliance knowledge and experience.

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Expert Guidance for ITAR Screening Requirements

Navigating the complex world of ITAR can be daunting, especially when it comes to the detail-oriented screening process. Our specialized ITAR Screening services help you comply with these requirements, ensuring that your products, technologies, and services are only provided to legitimate end-users. Our experienced experts will help you steer clear of potential pitfalls and facilitate your entry into global markets.

Licensing Help with Expertise & Precision

ITAR sets the bar high for business dealing and related services. Obtaining ITAR licenses requires a multi-step process and CTP experts will demystify this essential activity. We will first ensure that the export classifications are correct and that no license exemptions are available. If a license is required, we can help you register with DDTC so you can access the licensing portal: DECCS. Once you have an account, we can file licenses on your behalf or guide you from the initial stages of application to final approval. We will ensure proper documentation and recordkeeping. In summary, you can count on CTP to make your ITAR licensing journey simpler and compliant.

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Comprehensive ITAR Compliance Through Policies & Procedures

ITAR compliance is a multifaceted endeavor that requires participation from several departments within your business. Our support in developing ITAR policies and procedures will provide customized compliance solutions that weave naturally into your organization's workflow. We provide tools, templates, and training, enabling your team to build and maintain ongoing export control compliance. Once established, CTP will fortify your ongoing ITAR procedures with our on-call support service.

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We can assist with all your requirements regarding USML Classification & ITAR export licensing.

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