Unraveling Export Controls

CTP’s Comprehensive Classification Services

Navigating the complex landscape of export controls and classifications is critically important to ensure your exporting success. With ever-changing regulations and severe penalties for non-compliance, having expert guidance is crucial. At CTP, we offer comprehensive Export Control Classification services for USML, CCL and Part 810 items to help you accurately determine the jurisdiction and classification of your product offerings. Projects range from 10 items to 10,000, stretching across all technical fields. Upon request, we can prepare CJ or CCATS submissions for official government rulings. Whether you're dealing with ITAR, EAR, Part 810 regulatory frameworks, CTP classification experts have you covered.

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Simplify Your Global Trade with Accurate EAR Classification Services

Navigating the complexities of ECCN Classification, often referred to as EAR Classification or Dual Use Classification, requires expert understanding of the specific nuances of export regulations. At the heart of this is the Commerce Control List (CCL), which enumerates items subject to U.S. export regulations. Our ECCN consulting services are tailored to guide companies like yours through the intricacies of CCL Classification, ensuring that your products are accurately identified, whether they fall under a heavily-regulated classification or are designated as EAR99. Furthermore, we can help you cross reference ECCN classifications with the Commerce Country Chart to determine licensing requirements based on the destination. Trust in our comprehensive expertise to demystify the whole process and ensure your company’s full compliance in the realm of EAR Classification.

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Precision in Export Compliance – Your Trusted Advisors for Accurate USML Category & ITAR Classification

We specialize in providing jurisdiction and classification determinations for items on the United States Munitions List (USML). Following the mandated Order of Review, we will first compare the technical characteristics of each item to the pertinent sections of the USML to see if it is “described” there. If not, we go next to the Commerce Control List (CCL) to see if the item matches any of those control list entries. Accurate jurisdiction and classification determinations are the starting point of export compliance since they determine the applicable regulations and specific requirements. With CTP as your trusted expert, you can stride forward confidently, knowing your classifications are accurate and your compliance requirements have been met, enabling you to safely focus on your international growth plans.

Navigating Risk, Seizing Opportunity: Compliance for M&A Activities

Mergers, acquisitions, and investments involving foreign entities demands vigilance, and our seasoned guidance equips you to assess risks and make informed decisions. U.S. export regulations are highly extraterritorial, and attention must be paid to avoid compliance pitfalls. Focus particularly on any licensable technologies that may be transferred to foreign investors as part of the transaction. Likely there will be a mandatory review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) which will require export control classification on the sensitive items. Purchasers should also be aware of survivor liability that will hold them accountable of any past violations by the target company. Whether you are a buyer or seller in an international transaction, CTP can help you understand and avoid the compliance risks.

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Empower Your Team: Navigating Export Regulations with Expert Training

Boost your team’s expertise through CTP’s targeted training programs. Our engaging workshops and seminars, delivered live or virtually, will demystify export control regulations, delve into ECCN determination, and unveil your company’s customized compliance strategies. Help your staff understand the risks and requirements of export control, and also the policies and procedures that the company has put into place to ensure compliance. Help your team stay ahead of transition events by training them to anticipate complexities and minimize risks. Training is essential; give your workforce the tools to navigate confidently through evolving export control nuances.

Ready to Navigate Export Classifications Confidently?

Embarking on the journey of global trade can be intricate, but with CTP's Export & Commodity Classification services, you're never alone. Utilize our expertise to ensure your products align with ever-evolving regulations. Your smooth international market entry awaits.

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