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For 30 years, CTP has produced on-time, high-quality results in multiple disciplines for public and private clients. We pride ourselves on winning several repeat contracts based on the consistency of our deliverables and the excellence of our service.

CTP Past Performance

Program Management

CTP has managed a breadth of federal programs over the past 30 years, working with our government counterparts at the State Department, as well as DOD, DOC, and DOE, to plan and coordinate a complex assortment of tasks. Working both CONUS and OCONUS, we manage program-wide assessments, strategic planning, event management, training development and delivery, staffing solutions, facility management, software customization, equipment procurement, and compliance services. Working in over 100 countries and across multiple regions, CTP has consistently provided on-time, high-performance services while maintaining budgets and quality standards. Contact us to learn more.

Expert Staffing

We are skilled at providing staffing solutions for our clients across a broad spectrum of technical sector areas, job categories, and specialized requirements. In a current example, we work closely with our implementing partner, IBTCI, to help the LAC bureau of USAID recruit and retain experts to fill their program needs. Our recruiting resources, methods, competitive salaries, and generous benefits allowed CTP to meet its most demanding staffing requirements and quality standards. Our robust quality management systems, combined with efficient virtual hiring and onboarding protocols, ensured that the highest quality candidates were presented to our government customers. Contact us to learn more.

Facility Planning & Operations

CTP has planned, furnished, equipped, and staffed various CONUS and OCONUS government facilities and programs over the past 30 years. Most notably, we have built, staffed, and managed two full-service training facilities in Accra, Ghana, where we manage and deliver training programs to promote good governance and regional stability as part of the West Africa Cooperative Security Initiative. The quality of our services recently earned CTP another contract renewal. Contact us to learn more.

Meeting & Conference Management

CTP has planned and managed over 3,000 activities in 100+ countries since our inception in 1993. These range in size from technical workshops and training meetings in partner nations, as we provide consistently for the EXBS program at the State Department, to multinational nonproliferation conferences delivered on behalf of the Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy. We plan and manage every aspect of these events, including site selection, meeting materials, travel arrangements, language services, in-country transportation, printing and AV services, and on-site management. Contact us to learn more.

Customized Training

We specialize in developing and delivering customized technical training worldwide, working closely with cooperating nations and USG clients. We use the principles of Instructional Systems Design, focused on the challenges of training adult experts in both the course creation phase and the eventual delivery. Due to technological innovations and pandemic concerns, we now deliver this training in multiple modes: live on-site, live via webinar, or asynchronous delivery worldwide through our cloud based LMS (Learning Management System). Contact us to learn more.

Export Control Compliance

Founded in 1993, CTP grew initially in response to domestic and international demand for export control expertise. Working first on behalf of the State Department, we assisted 90+ countries worldwide in developing national export control systems. In 2008, we began assisting domestic exporters and law firms in complying with U.S. regulations, notably ITAR and EAR. We began by providing commodity classifications, but quickly added other services, including license assistance, policies and procedures, compliance audits, and customized corporate training. We now have over 500 domestic and international clients spanning all sizes and industries, including 40 or more that use CTP's services continuously. Contact us to learn more.

Import Compliance

CTP's import compliance practice expanded gradually in response to client's needs, starting with requests for tariff codes but expanding into supply chain optimization, efficient and ethical sourcing, trade agreements, import procedure development, audits, and much more. We typically solve our client’s immediate problems and advocate for effective and sustainable solutions using written procedures and training. Contact us to learn more.

Equipment & Logistics

While we usually have broad program management responsibilities, we are occasionally asked to perform more niche tasks like sourcing and delivering equipment, usually to OCONUS locations. While working on behalf of multiple federal clients, CTP provides specific logistical support for programs, conferences, and events, both domestically and abroad. Having completed many full-scope projects, we have abundant experience with sourcing, managing, delivering, and documenting all such tasks. Contact us to learn more.

Border Security

Under contract to the State Department, CTP has provided customized border security training in the Balkans, the Middle East, Mexico, Central America, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Africa. Our experts focused on Frontier Border Security and Interdiction (FBSI), Green Border Operations and Tracking, and Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction training (CMVI). The CMVI training, for example, provided both hands-on and classroom interdiction training programs for trucks, trailers, passenger buses, and passenger vehicles, focusing on WMD-related materials, munitions, and other contraband of concern. Attendees were Customs/Border Control officers as well as international law enforcement officers specializing in counterterrorism and narcotics. Click here to learn more.

FMS & Direct Commercial Sales

In concert with our network of FMS and DCS professionals, CTP develops, designs, and delivers FMS case management courses to a broad range of DoD and Defense Industry clients, including the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (DASA DE&C). In support of Direct Commercial Sales opportunities, CTP provides international marketing, sales, and logistical assistance with security equipment for our domestic clients. Click here to learn more.

Security Cooperation Security Assistance (SCSA)

For several years, we have facilitated customized training, diplomatic initiatives, and equipment provisioning to U.S. partner nations. In a recent example, CTP provided Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AM&E) expertise to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) by delivering two strategic process evaluations pertaining to 1) the Relationship of US/NATO security cooperation efforts and 2) how security cooperation outcomes were communicated throughout Department of Defense’s SCSA Enterprise. Click here to learn more.

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