Import Facilitation & Related Issues

CTP experts help U.S. companies with all their import and trade-related challenges. We are best known for our work with tariffs, but we also help companies with import policies and procedures, supply chain optimization, ethical and efficient sourcing, correct valuation, thorough documentation, and many other compliance needs. As with our export control efforts, we work first to address the urgent needs of new clients, then we promote and provide ongoing compliance readiness.

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Tariff Code Determination

Tariffs have been prominent in the news lately, but they have always been important, particularly on narrow-margin transactions where a few percentage points can erode or eliminate profitability. Given their importance, it is surprising that many companies do not have their tariff codes completed, let alone regularly verified. Other companies are unclear about the distinction between HTS codes and Schedule B numbers. Fortunately, CTP has a team of senior experts who can determine and verify your tariff codes swiftly and accurately. We'll tackle your entire inventory to start, then do the new ones as they are introduced. This service is fast, reliable, and essential.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chains have also been in the news, but mainly for the wrong reasons. Our experts can help you build, rebuild, or refine your supply chain to lower costs, grow efficiency, remove delays, and lessen risks. The familiar way is not always the best way in the fast-moving waters of international trade. Our experts will look with fresh eyes at your project requirements, factor in new regulations, trade agreements, and constraints, and then work with you to optimize your supply chain.

Global Sourcing Strategies

Amid the geopolitical tumult of recent years, sourcing strategies have become increasingly crucial. Our experts will profile the category, analyze the supply sources, and gauge the availability of related resources. With that preparatory work complete, we recommend ethical suppliers and help, if requested, with the negotiation and implementation. Importantly, our experts will ensure that the sourcing strategies include methods to assign, monitor, and evaluate the performance metrics.

Trade Agreements

In recent years, the U.S. has forged new bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and alliances. Since these are expressly designed to facilitate U.S. exports, staying abreast of such developments is essential. We help clients take advantage of their benefits and foresee other agreements and provisions that may be sunsetting. CTP experts track all these developments and can advise our clients on optimizing their sourcing and supply chains.


Financing is critical to all trade transactions. Just as the right terms can make a deal successful, the wrong terms can choke an agreement or kill it entirely. CTP experts know the trade finance industry, and they can review existing arrangements, introduce new funding sources, or step in to negotiate more favorable terms on sensitive new deals.

Import & Trade-Related Procedures

As with export compliance, companies need a comprehensive collection of procedures that tell employees what needs to occur in specific situations. These guidelines should be specific and operational, focusing on the fundamental questions: What needs to happen? When is it needed? What does it look like? Who should do it? Where is it sent? Our experts use these simple questions to create effective and efficient procedures for our clients.

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Trade Partners

We cooperate with several companies, exchanging services, making introductions, facilitating their various endeavors. Contact us if you'd like to hear more about any of the companies listed below.


Alacran is a full-service logistics firm specializing in challenging regulatory environments.

Competitive Innovations

Competitive Innovations delivers technology-driven solutions smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Fairchild Fisk Giroux

FFG provides training and consulting regarding FMS and Security Assistance and Security Cooperation initiatives.

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