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Navigating the intricate landscape of export regulations is essential for successful global trade. CTP’s specialized EAR compliance services provide tailored solutions to ensure your business adheres to the Export Administration Regulations. From export classification that provides your team with critical technical analysis, to detailed assessments that identify compliance gaps, we've got you covered. Trust CTP to guide you through EAR classification, licensing, training, and audits, enabling you to navigate international markets confidently while avoiding costly pitfalls. Partner with us to achieve seamless EAR compliance and new international opportunities for your business.

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Helping You Navigate the Intricacies of EAR Export License Procedures

The world of export regulations can be complex and daunting, particularly when export licenses are required. CTP provides our EAR Export License Services to help businesses like yours secure the necessary EAR licenses efficiently.  We start by classifying your products and services against the Commerce Control List (CCL).  Once we know the specific Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) we know whether licenses will be required for your proposed destinations.  We can also determine the possibility of various license exceptions that might apply. If none exist, we can then help our clients line by line through the applications or we can, with authorization, file license applications on their behalf. 

From the initial classification to the expert guidance on EAR licensing process, our seasoned consultants will ensure timely, accurate submissions that maximize your chances for swift approvals.

Simplify Exports with Fast & Accurate ECCN Classifications

Navigating the complexities of ECCN Classification, also referred to as EAR Classification or Dual Use Classification, requires expert understanding of the technical nuances of export regulations. At the heart of this is the Commerce Control List (CCL), which describes all the dual-use items subject to U.S. export regulations. Whether you have a dozen or a thousand items, our ECCN experts will provide fast, accurate CCL classifications. We will then cross reference ECCN classifications with the Commerce Country Chart to determine the specific licensing requirements. CTP experts will demystify the process and ensure your company’s compliance with the EAR.

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Cargo ship, full of containers, sailing towards land

Simplify the Complex with EAR Screening Services

The maze of EAR (Export Administration Regulations) can be perplexing, especially in the domain of screening. Our EAR screening services will ensure that none of your stakeholders (clients, brokers, financiers, freight forwarder, etc.) are listed on any of the government watch lists. By leveraging our expertise, you can avoid penalties and streamline your export process, making international trade less complicated and risky.

EAR Licensing Solutions

Obtaining EAR licenses requires a multi-step process and CTP experts will demystify this essential activity. We will first ensure that the export classifications are correct and that no license exceptions are available. If a license is required, we can file licenses on your behalf or guide you from the initial stages of application to final approval. We will ensure proper documentation and recordkeeping. In summary, you can count on CTP to make your licensing journey simpler and compliant.

Stack of bundled paperwork, on desk next to eyeglasses with two men in the background
Cargo ship, full of containers, sailing towards land

Create a Robust EAR Compliance Framework with Policies & Procedures

Ongoing EAR compliance requires comprehensive procedures and training. CTP offers a package of policy and procedure templates which we customize to seamlessly integrate into your organization's day-to-day operations. From specific operational guidelines to tailored employee training, CTP experts will prepare you for long-term, sustainable compliance.

Ensure Full EAR Compliance & License Success with CTP's Expert Solutions

Empower your business with tailored services for EAR compliance, including accurate commodity classifications and streamlined export licensing. Partner with us today for confident global trade.

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