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Helping Exporters Develop Comprehensive Compliance Policies & Procedures

Welcome to CTP's Export Control program, where decades of experience converge to provide your exporting business with a succinct operational strategy to achieve ITAR and/or EAR compliance. From customized policies and procedures to detailed technology controls, we guide your company through the intricate maze of export regulations. Utilize our compliance strategies and move boldly in the global market, confident in your adherence to all export control mandates.

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Manual Development for On-Going Export Control Compliance

With decades of experience in export control compliance, we have developed a comprehensive template plan for an export control compliance program manual tailored to address the intricate requirements of today's global business landscape. This instructional guide encompasses a wide range of export control compliance processes, meticulously designed to ensure your company’s adherence to relevant regulations. With a strong emphasis on clarity and practicality, our manual covers everything from technology control services processes to effective technology transfer plans.

Expert Consultants for Your Most Challenging Technology Control Needs

Navigating the complexities of export control requires the guidance of seasoned professionals, particularly with highly specific technology controls. CTP experts understand the evolving regulatory landscape, keeping our client's technology-related solutions up to date. Equally important, our consultants provide right-sized solutions that align with the specific needs of each client. Whether you need technology classifications, licensing, training, or a complete technology control plan, our experts will help you make informed decisions that promote compliance and growth.

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Cargo ship, full of containers, sailing towards land

Helping You Refine Your Critical Voluntary Self Disclosure (VSD)

Knowing the significance of Voluntary Self Disclosure (VSD), CTP can streamline the process for you to ensure your organization's proactive reporting of potential violations. With our VSD assistance, you can rectify inadvertent errors, demonstrate your commitment to compliance, and mitigate potential penalties. Our VSD procedures involve thorough analysis, meticulous documentation, and strategic communication, helping you to progress towards compliance with minimal interruption that could otherwise stem from undisclosed issues.

Understanding and Complying with Technology Transfer Requirements

Facilitating technology transfer while complying with export controls requires a delicate balance. CTP's technology control consultants will craft effective technology transfer strategies that facilitate knowledge dissemination while safeguarding your sensitive information. Our experts collaborate with your team to create customized technology transfer plans, using a combination of licensing and safeguards, to ensure that sensitive tech data are shared securely and responsibly with foreign persons and entities.

Stack of bundled paperwork, on desk next to eyeglasses with two men in the background

Customize Your Compliance Policies & Procedures With the Experts at CTP

Discover unparalleled guidance and support for navigating international export control policies and procedures. With over 30 years of experience, CTP offers a meticulously designed export control compliance program manual, expert technology control consultants, streamlined VSD procedures, and effective technology transfer strategies. Elevate your compliance standards and confidently expand in the global market. Partner with CTP today for seamless compliance and growth.

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