International Trade Assistance

CTP assists clients and partner nations with all kinds of assistance regarding international trade: strategy, finance, logistics, facilitation, and compliance. We are highly familiar with government trade cooperation programs and compliance requirements. We can also assist with trade finance and the logistics involved in equipment delivery. We have experienced multiple trade challenges over the years and each has provided valuable “lessons learned” which saves our clients time and money.

CTP International Trade Assistance

Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales

We provide multiple types of assistance to clients acquiring equipment through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or Direct Commercial Sales (DCS). We have extensive compliance expertise, notably with ITAR and EAR, but also with sanctions, embargoes, and denied parties. Our affiliates at Fairchild Fisk Giroux, LLC (FFG) can educate your staff or assist directly with the pros and cons of FMS and Direct Commercial Sales. If applicable, we will advise our international clients on the current policies, programs, processes, and procedures related to the US government implementation of Security Cooperation and Security Assistance (SC/SA) (see below).

Security Cooperation Security Assistance (SC/SA)

The objective of SC/SA is to assist our allies in overcoming national and regional threats and, in the process, build and strengthen bilateral and multilateral relationships and interoperability. To promote the utilization of SC/SA, we facilitate various training sessions, diplomatic initiatives, and equipment provisioning to U.S. partner nations. Having served as Security Cooperation Officers and Combatant Command staff, our experts have in-depth knowledge of the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) and the “Green Book.” With this knowledge and related experience in trade compliance, FMS, trade finance, and logistics, we can assist companies and allied nations with multiple aspects of their SC/SA processes. We have provided this kind of capacity-building support in several countries worldwide.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Especially in these turbulent times, delivering a product reliably and efficiently to the market is critical. CTP ensures success by providing worldwide logistical support for all managed shipments, whether by land, sea, or air. CTP’s logisticians have extensive backgrounds in transporting and handling a vast array of commodities, from security and telecommunications equipment, to non-intrusive detection equipment, and military components. To meet and exceed contract requirements, we work closely with our clients to develop a detailed transportation plan, complete with timelines, reporting modes, communication protocols, and all necessary export and import documentation. Upon request, CTP can also provide warehousing, export packing, freight insurance, export compliance support, and customs clearances.

Trade Finance

Financial packaging is critical to any successful international transaction. CTP understands that sound fiscal planning is essential to navigating complex global exchanges. To address this need, we offer a range of financial assistance platforms and financing options. Working closely with the client, CTP staff utilize tools such as commercial letters of credit, bank guarantees, and Small Business Administration (SBA) Export Loan Guarantees to underpin international sales efforts. CTP also utilizes export credit agencies, such as the Export-Import Bank (EXIM) of the United States, to manage the up-front costs of choreographed trade transactions. We factor risk mitigation into our trade strategies because we anticipate the fiscal impact of losses and include trade and export credit insurance.

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Learn More About our International Trade Assistance

Trade Partners

We cooperate with several companies, exchanging services, making introductions, facilitating their various endeavors. Contact us if you'd like to hear more about any of the companies listed below.


Alacran is a full-service logistics firm specializing in challenging regulatory environments.

Competitive Innovations

Competitive Innovations delivers technology-driven solutions smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Fairchild Fisk Giroux

FFG provides training and consulting regarding FMS and Security Assistance and Security Cooperation initiatives.

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