Facilities Management

International programs often have a need for organizational and training facilities to plan, conduct, and coordinate their ongoing activities efficiently. CTP has built and managed such facilities, providing everything from planning and construction to staffing and ongoing management.

CTP Facilities Management

Planning & Build-out

In a full-scope management request, CTP works first with Program officers to determine their program objectives, design parameters, operational needs, buildout budgets, and timeline. Next, we find existing locations that meet the criteria, get the client's selection decision, and proceed to the detailed planning. We ensure the program's operational needs are addressed and verify that there is adequate administrative space. This includes provisions for appropriate IT and security requirements. Once planning is complete, we put the plans out for bid, select the builder, and supervise the construction. CTP experts gain invaluable experience in each buildout, and we use these lessons learned in each new project.

Staffing & Logistics

We first develop a staffing plan, working in conjunction with the client, ensuring that all aspects of the facility and the specific program events will be appropriately staffed and managed. Depending on the facility and the program, this typically includes personnel for program management, IT support, bookkeeping, maintenance, and security. As the construction process nears completion, we interview and hire for these positions, so they are onboard and trained by opening day. As the various events approach, we procure specialized services such as interpreters, printers, caterers, and transportation that can be turned on "as needed" for efficiency.

Ongoing Management

Our facility staff works closely with the client's Program Officers to prepare for specific events and maintain ongoing performance. Since we understand the importance of reliability in facilities management, we design redundancies into our operational planning so there is no single point of failure and operational uptime is maximized. We utilize proven planning models to build efficiencies in our operations which, in turn, reduce overhead. CTP also follows rigorous preventative maintenance and inventory management practices to maintain mechanical performance and lessen the risk of theft.

Working in Austere Environments

CTP is accustomed to operating in challenging environments where standard infrastructure, utilities, and services are absent or unreliable. Faced with such challenges, CTP has developed proven coping strategies, including worldwide sourcing of necessary equipment and supplies, adding physical and IT security measures, and cross-training for organizational resilience. We prepare thoroughly for the expected challenges, so we are better able to manage the unexpected ones. Using threat profile analysis, we evaluate access points, movement patterns, perimeter security, and information security, looking for weaknesses or evidence of foul play. We extend our evaluation diligence to all third-party vendors that will access the facilities we manage. In summary, CTP works comprehensively to ensure a safe, functional, and productive facility.

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Trade Partners

We cooperate with several companies, exchanging services, making introductions, facilitating their various endeavors. Contact us if you'd like to hear more about any of the companies listed below.


Alacran is a full-service logistics firm specializing in challenging regulatory environments.

Competitive Innovations

Competitive Innovations delivers technology-driven solutions smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Fairchild Fisk Giroux

FFG provides training and consulting regarding FMS and Security Assistance and Security Cooperation initiatives.

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