Event Management

The CTP team has been planning and managing workshops, conferences, and programs both within and outside of the continental U.S. (CONUS, OCONUS) since 1993. Over our 30-year history, we have developed resources, methodologies, and experience with various domestic and international events. We pride ourselves on timely performance, quality results, and client satisfaction.

CTP Event Management


CTP has planned, staffed, and managed conferences worldwide for multiple U.S. government agencies since 1999. These are often turnkey projects where CTP handles the full spectrum of requirements from initial site selection to final wrap-up. This level of support includes on-site management, travel and per diem arrangements, language and printing services, equipment rental, on-site transportation, security, public relations, and coordinating with facility staff. Our field teams and support staff take tremendous pride in consistently excellent execution, where everything happens on time, within budget, and in furtherance of program objectives.


Using time-tested methods, CTP has organized over 3,000 events and tasks in over 100 countries and within the U.S. To ensure timely, accurate performance, we use task-specific checklists, templates, and customized procedures we developed and refined over 30 years of event management. Most importantly, we utilize people: our proven in-country providers, our network of subject matter experts (SMEs), our experienced program managers, and the leaders on our Executive Team. CTP's utilization of these experienced assets has yielded an unbroken record of successful performance.

Program Support

Each workshop and conference is essential, but the real value comes from the collective effect of these events that advance the U.S. government’s program goals in various countries and regions. The CTP team understands this "big picture" view, having contributed to dozens of long-term multilateral programs in specific countries and regions. With such experience, we know the importance of developing in-country resources, nurturing relationships and building cooperation to meet program goals.

Logistics Support

Depending on program needs and existing resources, we are occasionally asked to provide more specific services for OCONUS activities. These requirements vary widely but often include travel arrangements, language services, catering, photography, equipment acquisition, and assistance with unforeseen onsite issues. We pride ourselves on being responsive and resourceful, drawing on our in-house experience and international resources.

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We can assist with all your event planning needs, be they conferences, workshops or entire programs.

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Trade Partners

We cooperate with several companies, exchanging services, making introductions, facilitating their various endeavors. Contact us if you'd like to hear more about any of the companies listed below.


Alacran is a full-service logistics firm specializing in challenging regulatory environments.

Competitive Innovations

Competitive Innovations delivers technology-driven solutions smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Fairchild Fisk Giroux

FFG provides training and consulting regarding FMS and Security Assistance and Security Cooperation initiatives.

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