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CTP Provides Critical Staffing Solutions to USAID

Having access to an agile and streamlined recruiting vehicle provides government agencies with the ability to focus more on substantive programming requirements, and less time filling vacancies. CTP’s ability to quickly fill highly specialized positions, which often require security clearances, has positively positioned our firm in the ever-growing market for recruitment in the hiring support services area.  This distinct capability in staffing services positioned CTP to be selected as the awardee of a contract to provide institutional support to the USAID Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

CTP will support LAC’s mission to help to make the U.S. and the Western Hemisphere more peaceful, secure, and prosperous by strengthening the capacity of government and private sector entities. LAC responds to critical development challenges in the region and manages a portfolio of high-profile programs in sectors such as citizen security, democracy and governance, economic growth, health infrastructure, environment and energy. CTP will be assisting the LAC Bureau in supporting personnel needs based on new priorities, and filling specialized personnel requirements. Specifically, CTP will draw upon our extensive staffing, capacity building, and program management expertise to fill specialized roles across their portfolio covering some 13 field offices, 4 regional programs and the Washington LAC Headquarters.

As LAC’s personnel needs grow in response to critical development challenges in the region, CTP will rapidly recruit, vet, and onboard employees who are well suited for these focus areas and mission needs.  With our deep pipeline of specialized candidates, CTP is able to quickly provide a nimble and tailored response for staffing needs in international development areas.

CTP was awarded this work in partnership with IBTCI, a firm that has been providing monitoring and evaluation, staffing, knowledge management, and capacity building services to the government for thirty-three years.  Based in Washington, D.C., IBTCI is ranked as one of the top twenty USAID contractors with extensive experience working in conflict areas.

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