Building Organizational Capacities Globally

CTP has helped organizations strengthen and maintain capabilities for 25 years.

CTP has been engaged in capacity development in partner countries for over twenty-five years. Our solutions have helped to build and operate world class export licensing and compliance programs and establish effective border security operations. CTP has delivered hundreds of capacity building programs to cooperating countries on behalf of the Department of State’s Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) program and the Bureau of Internal Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). Under a contract with INL, CTP has established and supports a regional law enforcement training center in West Africa to professionalize personnel from the fifteen Economic Community of West African States.

CTP is currently applying our capacity building methodologies to improve medical preparedness at international borders.  In partnership with Centaurus Biotech, we have begun to implement programs to train and mentor border security personnel to acquire skills in Biosafety, Biosecurity, Bio-surveillance and Applied Biotechnology.

  • Institutionalize Knowledge

  • Develop Managerial Practices

  • Professionalize the Workforce

The Model Country Plan — Building National Capacity

The CTP Model Country Plan (MCP) methodology is designed to efficiently build consensus and generate results.  We can accomplish these outcomes, because the MCP promotes systematic development of the five functional areas that are deemed essential for an effective country-level strategic effort:

Gain senior leader engagement and buy-in for the strategic effort.

Develop a Legal and Regulatory framework that supports operational functions.
Design and deliver a training program to support workforce development and specialization.
Design and deliver operationally focused courses.
Facilitate positive Industry-Government interactions through structured feedback cycles and training on processes and policies.

Blending Theory with Implementation

For an activity to meet the standard of capacity development as practiced and promoted by the United Nations, “it must bring about transformation that is generated and sustained over time from within.” To achieve this transformation, CTP’s capacity building methodology is designed to achieve sustainable results using knowledge checks, practical exercises, skills certifications, and instructor training. CTP also employs the most current techniques utilizing web sites, chat rooms, bulletin boards, webinars, and microlearning to create communities of practice to sustain the development objectives.

Strengthening Operations

CTP helps strengthen organizational capacity by implementing focused workforce development programs that effectively manage technical assistance programs. Our Organizational Development experts help clients build their capacity to change and improve their own effectiveness. We assist clients by reviewing current processes, analyzing them for opportunities to improve, and recommending optimization strategies. Our recommendations will always keep the client’s strategic goals in mind.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

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