Seamless Program Management

CTP has the proven experience to plan and execute even the most complex projects.

CTP provides full lifecycle Program Management services to ensure seamless execution across all project phases. From start to finish, CTP’s professional staff tracks program health through continuous monitoring and evaluation and the success of each program is ultimately determined by the Return on Investment (ROI) that the effort delivers. Our Program Management staff establishes and tracks success metrics to ensure that each activity is reaching the same high level of quality. To support our Program Management activities, CTP tracks quality, monitors budgets, and measures results.

  • Measure Results

  • Track Quality

  • Maximize Budgets

Program Management – Dependable, Mission-Driven Results

CTP’s program managers (PM) provide our clients with effective oversight of their key requirements and desired outcomes following application of proven methodologies and best practices.  Our PMs apply the ADDIE model with the development and delivery of training for the adult learner, for example with the development and delivery of an Advanced Transnational Organized Criminal Investigation (TOCI) course series—a total of 14 one-week courses—for INL/KM.  We utilize the Kirkpatrick Model to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs, such as the TOCI series.  For alumni engagement activities, our PMs plan and implement activities to establish and sustain communities of practices, foster interaction amongst the alumni, support alumni activities, and showcase successful outcomes.

Project Planning

To ensure success, our Program Management teams prioritize up-front planning, risk mitigation, and workflow management. We clearly identify program and organizational goals, in order to track and deliver on the success factors that matter most to our clients. Throughout the process, we offer transparent reporting and accurate fiscal tracking to measure progress against baseline expectations.

In today’s service-centric business environment, the human capital applied to a program is the most significant cost driver. CTP models resource allocation across projects, so that we can field an efficient team that achieves the program objectives optimally. We maintain a robust network of Subject Matter Experts and can quickly add resources to any tasks that require surge capacity.

Seamless Execution

CTP has the proven experience to plan and execute even the most complex projects. We work closely with your organization to establish strategic goals, then develop a prioritized approach to ensure successful delivery during all phases of a program. Throughout the program lifecycle we prioritize clear and effective communication to ensure that every stakeholder has the correct level of information to make decisions, assess performance, and determine earned value.

The CTP team employs proven processes as an operational foundation to consistently deliver to clients across the globe. CTP has the program management experience to coordinate the complicated logistical activities that come with international technical assistance programs.. We confidently manage globally distributed teams, because our methodologies are tested, standardized, and repeatable.

Quality Assurance

By establishing shared success metrics early in the program lifecycle, CTP can continuously measure how each operational component is performing over time. We carefully monitor and evaluate these key performance indicators, to constantly optimize workflows and mitigate risks as they become apparent. To maximize transparency, CTP routinely communicates with stakeholders and clients through frequent status reports, project reviews, and ongoing analysis.

Quality is a core value of CTP, and we work to assure the highest standards at every stage of a project. CTP is committed to delivering quality services that justify the fiscal investment made in every program.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

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