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With a 30 year track record of excellence in the compliance industry, CTP is the first choice for companies seeking immediate assistance, ongoing consultation, and customized training in ITAR export licensing. We use our technical and regulatory experience to unravel the complexities of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance, the DECCS export license system, the DDTC registration requirements, and more. CTP’s experts will enable your business to confidently navigate ITAR regulations and boost your success in the global marketplace.

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Efficient DDTC Registration Support

Registration with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) at the State Department is the first, and most fundamental, requirement for ITAR compliance. The experts at CTP will answer your questions and guide you smoothly through the registration process, allowing you to focus on your export transactions. We’ll explain the terminology, assist with the various steps, and ensure that your computer(s) are properly set up to work within the DECCS portal. To avoid frustration, partner with CTP for reliable, end to end DDTC registration assistance.

Expertise in DECCS License Management

Understanding and managing the multi-step ITAR license process is a critical aspect of ITAR compliance. CTP experts will first ensure that the product classification is correct, that a license is required to your intended destination, that no exemption is available, and that the correct type of export license is identified. We can talk you through every step of the way or perform the various steps directly with your authorization. Either way, CTP’s expertise in DECCS license management will guide you efficiently and effectively. Trust CTP as your ITAR license partners, simplifying the journey to compliance.

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Utilizing ITAR License Exemptions

CTP’s experience with ITAR regulations saves time and money for our clients. Our understanding, and utilization of, license exemptions, can offer significant ongoing advantages for eligible transactions and destinations. For instance, firms engaged in joint research and development projects with certain foreign entities may qualify for specific ITAR license exemptions designed to facilitate international collaboration. CTP will assess your eligibility for such exemptions, guide you through the documentation process, and ensure adherence to the government’s requirements. By utilizing CTP’s resources, your company can identify and leverage ITAR License Exemptions to streamline international transactions and minimize regulatory delays, all while maintaining impeccable compliance.

Exploring TAAs - Technical Assistance Agreements

Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs) can be powerful tools for international collaboration and growth. CTP specializes in researching, developing, and deploying effective TAAs for your organization. Our experts will work closely with you to create agreements that foster innovation, knowledge transfer, and growth while ensuring full compliance with ITAR regulations. Harness the potential of TAAs to expand your global reach and strengthen your partnerships with confidence.

Stack of bundled paperwork, on desk next to eyeglasses with two men in the background

Strengthen Your ITAR Export Licensing Procedures Today

CTP recognizes that ITAR compliance is not a destination but an ongoing journey. Our unwavering commitment is to empower your organization to grow confidently in the global market. We believe in building, refining, and continually evolving your ITAR compliance strategy to ensure long-term success, notably with export licensing proficiency. With extensive experience in the compliance industry, we can reduce your risk and enable your growth. Contact us to enable the trade opportunities that await your business.

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