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Unlocking the Potential of Export License Compliance

With over 30 years of experience, CTP is your trusted partner for export licensing. Our experts can guide and teach you step by step or you can authorize us to work on your behalf. We work within both licensing portals, that is, DECCS for USML items and SNAP-R for CCL items. If you’re not sure, we can provide the classifications to verify the jurisdiction, check for exceptions and exemptions, and conduct the Denied Party Screening too. Whether directly or indirectly, we’ll help you navigate the complex world of licensing. Best of all, we’ll work with you to refine and document your licensing processes, then teach these best practices to your staff to guarantee ongoing success.

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BIS Export License Confidence: Expertise at Your Fingertips

At CTP, we go beyond mere compliance. With new clients, we assist first with their immediate needs, typically commodity classification and licensing. We then circle back and help the client complete their classifications and develop comprehensive policies and procedures that address all the recommended “elements” of a compliance plan. We finish the “progression” with training that ensures the compliance program, and the licensing process in particular, will be effective and sustainable. Our mission is to instill understanding and specific skills regarding BIS export compliance requirements.

SNAP-R Registration & CCATS Verifications - Simplified with Expert Guidance

If your items are described on the Commerce Control List (CCL), you will need to register in the BIS online licensing portal, called SNAP-R. This is free and fast and once CTP experts talk you through the process, you can authorize us to work on your behalf to submit and track applications. Another available SNAP-R option is to submit requests for official government classifications, called CCATS, written by CTP experts to make the case for the least strict classification. These official requests are a bit slow and limited in number but, for critical items, having the classifications on government letterhead is invaluable.

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Cargo ship, full of containers, sailing towards land

EAR License Exceptions

Once you know the ECCN of your item, you can see the various reasons for control and the possible existence of license exceptions. These are not automatically available so CTP will help you determine if your transaction details qualify for an exception and also what kind of requirements might apply, such as additional recordkeeping. Exceptions are generally welcomed since they save time and streamline the exporting process.

EAR Export License Training & Compliance: Our Commitment

At CTP, we know that achieving and maintaining EAR compliance is not a one-time task but, rather, an ongoing journey. With over 30 years of experience, our familiarity with EAR Export Licensing is rock solid, as is our commitment to efficient procedures and the training that make them effective. We can teach your team the necessary steps and explain why each one is important. We can also apply for licenses on your behalf and help your team gain familiarity by following our example. Either way, we’re your dedicated partners in building and maintaining a robust compliance framework.

Stack of bundled paperwork, on desk next to eyeglasses with two men in the background

Ready to Unlock the Power of EAR Export License Assistance?

Are you ready to take the next step towards EAR compliance excellence? Contact CTP now and let us guide you on this journey. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of EAR export licensing and ensure your transactions are timely and compliant. Join hands with CTP and experience the difference today. Your success is our mission.

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