Just in Time Classification Services

Just in Time Classification Services

Picture this: you’ve gone through the sales cycle, the product is loaded and ready to ship, your work is done – or so you thought. The phone rings. It’s Larry on the loading dock asking for an ECCN which you don’t have. Your shipment’s held up, meaning costly delays and an unhappy customer.

Or perhaps you have an aircraft on the ground, awaiting clearance. The paperwork is otherwise complete but the OEM didn’t specify an export classification for its product. Your engineers are familiar with the control lists but they don’t know the nuances and don’t want the responsibility. You certainly don’t have time for a Commodity Jurisdiction from DDTC or a commodity classification determination from BIS.

Sound familiar? The details differ but there comes a time in every exporter’s professional journey where you needed a classification yesterday.

Well, we can’t get it to you yesterday, but we can get it to you by tomorrow. At CTP Compliance, we’ve seen these scenarios repeatedly for over twenty years. While we prefer to work proactively, classifying your items methodically in advance, we have also done hundreds of last-minute, Just in Time classifications.

If you send us the appropriate details, CTP Compliance will provide you with the USML Category or ECCN, down to the requisite subparagraph, within 24 hours. We have seven on-call engineers, including former BIS licensing officers, who are prepared to classify any item against the USML or CCL. We’ll also provide you with a brief rationale as to how we arrived at our determination.

The quality of the data is critical. If you provide adequate information, we guarantee that you’ll have your classification within 24 hours or sooner. Here’s what we’ll need:

  • Manufacturer, Part Number, and/or Model Number, if applicable;
  • Detailed product description;
  • Detailed technical specifications of your product’s capabilities;
  • URLs linking to product photos or other useful information; and
  • Contact information for technical questions, if necessary.

While only DDTC and BIS are able to provide authoritative classification determinations, CTP Compliance offers its classifications with the utmost degree of confidence.

If you’re in a bind and need a Just in Time classification, CTP Compliance has you covered. Click below to learn about rates and visit our portal.

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