Investigative Training for Benin, Togo, Nigeria & Ghana

Investigative Training for Benin, Togo, Nigeria & Ghana

CTP facilitated a one-week Fundamental Investigative Criminal Analysis training program for law enforcement officials from Benin, Togo, Nigeria and Ghana at the State Department’s West Africa Regional Training Center in Accra, Ghana during the week of December 16-20, 2013.

The Fundamental Investigative Criminal Analysis course introduces the concept of investigative criminal analysis and establishes the foundational knowledge and skills needed to capture information and conduct a basic analysis of criminal activity. This course involves numerous practical exercises so that participants learn to utilize the concepts in real-life situations. The course is part of national and regional efforts by cooperating nations to reduce transnational crime and provide a more secure and stable environment for civilians and businesses.

This training activity closed out a successful inaugural year for CTP supporting the Department’s West Africa Cooperative Security Initiative (WACSI) efforts that saw INL and inter-agency partners engage over seven-hundred regional ECOWAS experts during nineteen multilateral cooperative programs.

Look for another blog soon on the details of our 2014 activities at the West African Regional Training Center in Accra Ghana. If you have questions, please contact CTP.

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