Delivering 25 Years of Training Success

CTP has two decades of experience delivering trainings of all sizes across the globe.

Delivering high-quality training relies on successful execution, as well as exceptional instruction.  For more than 25 years, CTP has delivered training internationally with superior results.  Our expert staff has the logistical and instructional experience to deliver trainings of all sizes, ranging from small, high-intensity workshops, to large, multi-week courses.  With this level of practical global experience, CTP can confidently ensure that your organization’s training events are flawlessly executed.

  • Decades of proven results

  • Customized and off-the-shelf training

  • Over 300 subject matter experts

  • International training capacity

Customized Trainings for Any Audience

CTP delivers each training to the client’s precise specifications.  Our staff can plan and deliver trainings of all sizes, including self-paced, group, and blended courses.  During each training engagement, your organization has access to our logistics and instructional experts, to design an optimal training delivery method that achieves your organizational goals.  We can supplement customized training with materials from our extensive course library to speed delivery times.

Model Country Plan – Global Execution and Results

During the course of implementing the MCP approach in cooperating countries, CTP has delivered training that supports the entire spectrum of capacity building.  The training we have delivered has helped inform the law and regulatory legislative process in partner nations and educated industry to improve compliance.  In total, CTP has managed over 1,370 activities in 88 countries for U.S. Government clients, including 50+ major nonproliferation conferences. Under direct contract to the Department of State, CTP has delivered 331 trainings that support strategic trade control objectives, with 189 trainings completed by CTP in the last five years alone.

Experienced and Ready

When your organization works with CTP, you gain a team of proven professionals with years of practical training delivery experience.  CTP can rapidly deliver high-quality courses, because we have built an extensive library of off-the-shelf training material that includes media, student guides, and class resources.  With over two decades of training delivery experience, our instructional teams are prepared to teach across a spectrum of topical areas, ranging from export compliance and border security, to law enforcement and security cooperation and security assistance (SC/SA).

We understand that each organization has specialized training goals – we use our training delivery expertise to produce tailored and customized courses that couple our instructional design competencies.  In addition to our in-house instructors, CTP maintains a robust network of over 300 Subject Matter Experts with experience in an array of domains enabling CTP to address many different training domains.

Global Execution

CTP understands that successfully delivered training involves solid planning, the selection of quality venues, and great programs of instruction. Each event requires meticulous execution, and CTP’s planning staff is accustomed to navigating the many international logistical hurdles.

Over the years of teaching courses internationally, CTP has developed a network of critical resources to support travel coordination, language customizations, and localized course deliveries. We have honed our logistical capacity through the operation of a regional training center in Accra, Ghana, where we routinely host multinational training activities that draws global audiences.

Reporting and Engagement

Workforce training represents a meaningful organizational investment.  This is why we build, collect, and analyze client driven success metrics to determine effectiveness.  The goal of CTP’s metric-driven monitoring and evaluation approach is to measure every training sessions knowledge transfer and present results to ensure long run sustainability.  Our methodology is founded in the industry standard Kirkpatrick Model of training assessment, which allows us to consistently measure and report performance.

CTP views each training session as an opportunity for your organization to build student engagement.  We actively solicit feedback to understand the student’s perception of the course and instructional topics based on individual student profiles.  CTP manages the results about the student populations using a full-feature alumni management and reporting platform to conduct outreach, track participation, and build informative reports.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

CTP’s Contract Vehicles

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