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CTP creates web-based training that helps adult professionals master skills.

Online Learning is an effective way to make the most of organizational training budgets and reach broad swaths of employees.  CTP builds customized online training tools that can deliver a range of instructional materials, from basic knowledge transfer to detailed simulations.  Our courseware is designed and built to function on the devices used by your learning audience.  Each of CTP’s courses are delivered in HTML that dynamically adapts to computer screens, tablets, and even phones.  Our instructional designers consider the learner’s environment and can deliver high-impact micro-learning courses that are suitable for participation on a mobile device.

  • Measure Results

  • Track Quality

  • Maximize Budgets

Meaningful and Engaging Content

CTP creates online learning that is easy to use and encourages engagement.  Our team understands how to apply technology to create an instructional environment that promotes knowledge retention, using interactions and explorative learning.  We apply interaction in course design to promote engagement and retention of the subject matter, because learners are able to deepen their understanding through exploration, experimentation, and immediate feedback.

Results-Oriented Learning Platform

CTP’s online Learning Management System is a full-featured, web-based platform that allows every client to quickly and efficiently assign courses or course modules to employees, track completion, and generate aggregate reports.  Easy access to this kind of data makes demonstrating organizational training results a straightforward exercise. With improved efficiency in the training space, training staff will have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities with respect to compliance.

The CTP platform can be configured to meet your specific organizational needs.  Our staff works with you during the course design process. The system employs the industry-standard Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) for courseware development, which defines how courseware packages should be structured to ensure cross-operability with a wide range of online learning platforms.

Games and Simulations

CTP’s learning strategy leverages in-course rewards as a motivator for learners.  This model is called “gamification,” and incentivizes the learner to participate in a goal-based activity.  As goals are achieved, the learner’s progress is acknowledged as they earn virtual rewards, such as points, badges, or access to a subsequent level.

Simulations can take a gamification model a step further, by introducing scenarios that are analogous to actual operating conditions to which the learner is exposed.  Simulations are also referred to as “serious games,” because the learner is asked to engage is a cognitive challenge that requires critical thinking.  Determining the correct level of challenge is an important factor in the success of a gamification or simulation environment.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

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