Managing Complex Facility Operations

Proven and reliable operational services to support infrastructure.

CTP excels at managing the complexities of facility operations, with operational processes in place that can be quickly adapted to a variety of international environments. Our specialized teams have the experience to execute across the full range of facilities management activities. Acting on our clients’ behalf, CTP has coordinated planning and construction tasks, ranging from site selection to buildout. Once a facility is fully built and online, CTP has the wherewithal to make it fully operational and we create a foundation for sustained operations. Fundamental processes are created, such as: preventive maintenance programs, contingency plans, and reporting systems.

Our recruiting team has successfully staffed, trained, and supported core facility staff in international locales. Using established evaluative methods, we can identify, vet, and engage a variety of local third-party vendors. CTP assures functional uptime by rigorously monitoring progress, anticipating risks, and rapidly engaging plans of action to mitigate any gaps in operations.

  • Leasing and Build-Out

  • Critical Staffing

  • Motor Pool Services

  • Other Vendors

Facilities Management — Personalized, Cutting-Edge Service

Operations and maintenance of a state-of-the-art training facility requires specialized resources to ensure that the learning experience is exceptional.  For such facilities, our PMs and support staff oversee and execute typical facilities management functions such as routine maintenance, janitorial services, security, inventory, and safety.  For a training facility, particular focus on audio/visual, training room setup, IT, computer lab, interpretation/translation services, printing, quality control of program materials, catering, and customer service are critical to the success of the training center.  CTP manages all of these components for INL/KM at the 3000 square meter West Africa Regional Training Center (RTC) in Accra, Ghana.

Reliable Essential Services

CTP understands the importance that reliability plays in essential facilities management services. We apply robust internal resource management procedures and design redundancies into every aspect of our operational planning, so that operational uptime is maximized. These proven planning models allow CTP to build efficiencies in our operations, which in turn reduce overhead and increase responsiveness.

In addition to providing reliable services, CTP follows rigorous maintenance and inventory management practices to monitor performance and alleviate risk. CTP has designed operational processes that can be quickly adapted to a variety of international environments that present complex operational landscapes. Our team creates a foundation for sustained operations, by creating preventive maintenance programs, contingency plans, and reporting systems.

Global Reach

Accustomed to operating in settings where standard infrastructure and utilities are absent, CTP is capable of sourcing and delivering high-quality products anywhere in the world. Our management team is prepared to operate facilities in a range of complex global environments that require specialized, real-world experience.

CTP fortifies both physical and procedural facility operations with security measures that ensure a safe environment for our clients. Using an established threat profile analysis methodology, we take steps to ensure our facility is not perceived as a soft target. We evaluate access points, people flows, perimeter security, and information security for weaknesses. We extend our evaluation to third-party vendors, and thoroughly vet each organization that will access facilities we manage.

Trusted Partner

In 2012, CTP led a State Department effort to establish The West Africa Regional Training Center (RTC). CTP independently managed the selection and buildout of the site, recruited and trained core staff, secured third-party vendors through a thorough evaluation process, drafted routine and emergency operations manuals, and transformed the site into a state-of-the-art 1,500 square meter training facility. CTP actively managed all renovations and the transition to a new 3,000 square meter facility in the spring of 2017.

Demonstrated Outcomes

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