Over 20 Years of Successful Management

CTP has managed programs and delivered success to clients for nearly a quarter of a century.

CTP has successfully planned and managed hundreds of international programs for the U.S. Government and commercial organizations.  We have a diverse staff with the experience, credentials, and expertise to oversee complex multi-national foreign policy and national security initiatives.  Clients have benefited from our focused suite of program management services, ranging from logistics solutions to staffing support.  We are able to anticipate and adapt to the challenges that arise during a project lifespan because our team has first-hand and credible management experience.  At each phase of the project, CTP applies established industry best practices to achieve our client’s mission.

CTP’s Management Methodology – Experienced Staff, Quality Outcomes

CTP provides a full suite of program management services to the Department of State,  Department of Defense, USAID, and others.  Across each program, CTP builds organizational capacity by delivering training, monitoring and evaluation, and alumni engagement activities that build the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) of regional border security and law enforcement professionals.  Overall, these programs build trackable and sustainable law enforcement capabilities in partner countries, as well as global networks in which  law enforcement organizations can collaborate.  CTP has supported the following:

CTP operates and maintains the West Africa Regional Training Center (RTC) and supports INL/KM with the delivery of INL’s Advanced Transnational Organized Criminal Investigation (TOCI) course series, providing specialized training to law enforcement and judicial officials to counter transnational organized criminal activity.
CTP supports the INL/AME program at the RTC in Ghana with training program management and logistics support, monitoring and evaluation, and alumni engagement in their efforts to build law enforcement capacity in Ghana. In addition, CTP has hosted dialogues to drive progress at the upper levels of Ghana’s security and justice institutions. The INL/AME program engages law enforcement, prosecutors, and other justice officials through workshops focused on assisting legal practitioners in prosecuting and adjudicating cases against criminal organizations, with a recent emphasis on cyber and financial crimes.
CTP provides training program management and logistics support services to the Counter Narcotics and Global Threats (CN>) program when activities are conducted at the RTC. CTP has been providing full scope coverage of CN> training activities since 2013.
CTP supports USAID’s ACES activities conducted at the RTC with training/meeting, program management and logistics support services.
For over twenty years, CTP has supported the EXBS Program directly and indirectly by providing strategic trade control-related training, technical assistance, and logistics support throughout the EXBS Program’s partner countries.

Proven Processes and Operational Results

Delivering quality is CTP’s first priority. Our project managers combine proven management best practices with real-world experience to anticipate risks, optimize execution, and ensure project success. CTP employs a data-driven, full lifecycle approach to successfully manage complex projects of all sizes. Our rapid and accurate reporting provides complete transparency, using plain language, and tailored Key Performance Indicators that meet the needs of our clients.

Project Planning

Seamless Execution

Quality Assurance

High Quality Standards Drive Us

Quality Assurance is a core value of CTP, and we work to ensure the highest standards at every stage of a project. Each deliverable is independently reviewed for accuracy and quality, before being sent to the client. We apply this same level of rigor to our financial tracking, to clearly associate time spent with results delivered. CTP is committed to delivering quality services that justify the fiscal investment made in every program. CTP is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for our financial and management systems.

The Right Person, Handpicked for the Job

CTP can provide expert staff for a range of specializations and labor categories. Our staffing teams have recruited hundreds of staff, experienced subject matter experts (SMEs), and instructors with experience in fields such as: program and project management, logistics support, international security, WMD, strategic trade and export controls, integrity awareness, targeting and risk management, anti-terrorism, diplomatic security, criminal justice, strategic investigations, and industry outreach. Each candidate is vetted and ready to deliver results, after an optimized on-boarding process.

Track Record of Success

Reduced Risk

Motivated and Satisfied Employees

Motivated Experts

Each of our fully trained personnel are ready to deliver results on day one. In addition to the professional acumen that each person brings, our people are always well equipped with modern computers and peripherals, all necessary software, and up-to-date resources. CTP understands that job satisfaction plays a critical role in the individual’s ability to succeed, so roles and responsibilities are always clearly defined with clear communication channels to CTP’s leadership team.

Delivering Global Trade Solutions

CTP’s seasoned experts maximize our client’s trade strategy across a range of transactional models, such as simple straight purchases, countertrade, barter, and defense offset transactions.  With over 25 years of international experience, CTP’s staff achieves our clients trade goals by maximizing efficiencies and budgets.

Successfully concluding an international sale of goods or services requires knowledge, patience, and the desire by all parties to find common ground where both buyer and seller are satisfied with the process and eventual outcome.  CTP is well positioned to meet the needs of commercial and government organizations in the ever-increasing competitive global marketplace.

Equipment Acquisition and Export

Security Cooperation


Trade Finance

Experience to Manage Complexities

CTP applies core management skills and processes for operating facilities in a range of complex environments. We employ rigorous maintenance and inventory management practices to monitor performance and alleviate risk, while constantly identifying new opportunities to advance our clients’ mission. Our experienced staff excel at managing the intricacies of facility operations, because we have operational processes in place that can be quickly adapted to a variety of international environments.

Specialized Teams with Focused Experience

CTP has successfully staffed, trained, and supported core facility staff in international locales. CTP’s specialized teams have the experience to execute across the full range of facilities management activities. Acting on our clients’ behalf, CTP has independently orchestrated planning and construction tasks, ranging from site selection to buildout. In the post build stages, the CTP team creates a foundation for sustained operations, by creating preventive maintenance programs, contingency plans, and reporting systems. CTP assures functional uptime by rigorously monitoring progress, anticipating risks, and rapidly engaging plans of action to mitigate gaps of operations.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

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