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CTP has unsurpassed technical experience in export control compliance.

CTP has been developing and delivering export control compliance solutions in the U.S. and 90+ countries for 25 years. We offer a full slate of compliance services at affordable rates to help clients of all sizes address their export control challenges. Our experts stay abreast of legal and technical issues, including export control reforms, increased sanction activity, and the current controversies surrounding “foundational” and “emerging” technologies.

Review our service-specific pages for detailed information about how we can help. Whether it’s a single question, a week-long assignment, or a major initiative, you have decades of legal and technical experience at your fingertips.

Dependable Commodity Classification Results

Export classification has always been critical, often called Job #1, but now it is even more important as industry undergoes export control reform. Based on recent policy changes, a new wave of controls appears imminent on “foundational” and “emerging” technologies. Against this backdrop, CTP consistently delivers fast, accurate commodity classifications at reasonable rates. We are equally adept with physical products, software, technologies, and services on both the USML and the CCL. Our project sizes range from highly specialized to bulk tasks with tens of thousands of items.

Both USML and CCL

Any size project, in all technical categories

Written reports with solid reasoning

Affordable Rates

Well Versed in USML and CCL Details

CTP understands the intricacies of export classification and can deliver dependable commodity classification results. The deep experience of the CTP team allows us to classify all exportable materials, such as physical items, software, technologies, and services. Our experts in the USML and CCL lists can determine the jurisdiction and regulations that will apply.

Export Licensing Expertise

For over 25 years, CTP has helped hundreds of clients navigate the export licensing process. We provide jurisdiction guidance, classification determinations, advice on the use of license exceptions or exemptions, and line-by-line assistance to complete license applications. CTP is equally adept with both electronic export licensing systems: DECCS for items listed on the USML under the ITAR; and SNAP-R for items listed on CCL under the EAR.

DECCS for USML under the ITAR

SNAP-R CCL under the EAR

Regulatory Expertise

CTP legal experts help clients with preparing the technical and the regulatory details needed to submit applications correctly, so that that they are approved on the first review. We understand how to best prepare Export Licensing documents that meet the exacting specification of U.S. Government personnel. Our team is made up of former BIS licensing officers, who maintain close ties with their government peers.

Export Compliance Program

The key aspects of an effective Export Compliance Program are: Policies and Procedures, Training, Auditing and Remediation. As detailed in dedicated sections elsewhere on this site, CTP has both the technical and legal expertise to not only build an effective compliance program, but to launch it with effective training, measure its effectiveness , and refine it when necessary.

CTP experts guide clients through the initial customization process, working with their experts to tailor the solutions to the needs of each company. We strive to intertwine the new procedures with the existing processes so that they function smoothly and routinely together. We seek to instill, not install, every new compliance program.

Policies and Procedures Manual

Compliance Training

Auditing and Remediation

Supporting Start-ups to Fortune 50 Firms

CTP has guided organizations of all sizes through the legal complexities associated with Import and Export Compliance. During every engagement, our goal is to solve our clients’ import and export compliance challenges in the most efficient and effective manner possible. CTP customizes every solution to meet your needs, so that your organization receives the most value from each consultation.

Expert Staff with Real-World Experience

The CTP staff is comprised of specialists and former BIS engineers and licensing officers who adeptly navigate the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Our legal experts and technical specialists have worked with exporters, contractors, and law firms, to provide a full suite of Compliance Consulting services. Whether we are delivering long-term compliance consulting or an ad-hoc review, CTP provides clients with timely responses, practical solutions, and impeccable quality.

Security Assistance and Foreign Military Sales

Based on our partnership with FFG, CTP can offer unique expertise and assistance in the areas of Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Security Cooperation and Security Assistance (SC/SA).  We understand and can assist organizations with all phases of a foreign military sales case particularly with business development activities prior to a Letter of Request (LOR).  This function requires an intimate knowledge and understanding of the DOD DSCA Security Assistance Management Manual as well as the ITAR and the Export Control Reform Act of 2018.  For international partners, we can make you a more effective and efficient buyer of US defense goods and services.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

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