CTP Organizes Investigative Criminal Analysis Course in Ghana

March 20, 2015

Effective investigative criminal analysis requires the systematic application of proven analytic methods and techniques. FICA will establish the foundational knowledge and skills needed to capture information and perform a basic analysis of criminal investigative information. The data acquired from these analyses is invaluable to law enforcement for strategic and tactical planning.

FICA provides participants opportunities to apply tools and analytical processes to reality-based scenarios using hands-on and small group exercises. At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

• Create association matrices, link analysis and time-event analysis charts, manually and utilizing flowchart software
• Develop and present a concise and accurate criminal analysis briefing
• Overcome analytical bias mindset and perceptions inherent in investigative criminal analysis
• Create a plan to incorporate and sustain FICA skills within the participant’s organization
• Describe the purpose and value of investigative criminal analysis
• Apply the information analysis process
• Use currently available internet-based investigative techniques for criminal analysis

This is sure to be another valuable course for the participants at CTP’s West Africa Regional Training Center in Accra, Ghana.

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