CTP – Global Trade & Security Solutions

Since 1993, the experts at CTP have provided trade compliance and security-related services throughout the world for U.S. government agencies and private exporters.

Using our network of experts, innovative Program Management tools, and ISD methodologies, we have developed and deployed our customized solutions in over 600 meetings, workshops, and conferences throughout the world.

Private Sector Solutions

Companies are scrambling to adapt to the looming changes stemming from Export Control Reforms. We provide all needed compliance services, including:

- Commodity Classification
– Licensing Assistance
– Technical Documents
- Compliance Assessment / Audit
– Export Control Compliance Training
– Export Management System (EMS)

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Government Solutions

We support several U.S. agencies in their domestic and international programs, both as a prime and subcontractor. We have several GSA MOBIS SIN codes and contract vehicles for easy access. With our in-house staff and over 300 Subject Matter Experts on call, we have domain expertise in Export Control, Law Enforcement, Anti- Corruption, Anti-Terrorism, Border Security, and related fields.

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