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CTP expands organizational capacity through expertly designed workforce training programs.

CTP understands that the modern workplace requires employees to go beyond task repetition and apply collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving every day. Our workforce training programs are designed for adult learners to help them achieve specific mission-based outcomes while increasing employee proficiency and retention.

CTP’s Training Methodology – The Model Country Plan

For over twenty-five years, CTP has supported our Federal clients with their capacity building efforts. We have applied a structured methodology based on a Model Country Plan (MCP) approach in more than eighty-eight countries in order to build national strategic trade control systems. As a result of employing this methodology, partner nations have been able to bring their strategic trade control systems up to international standards. The benefits of an MCP approach are:

The phases of the MCP are designed to build clear consensus and results. Formal discussions can focus on sophisticated aspects of capacity building by establishing a common understanding of roles, responsibilities, and objectives. Establishing a shared understanding up front enables objective evaluative metrics to be defined to support future analysis and reporting.

The MCP framework allows stakeholders to use a phased implementation approach in which incremental progress can be made in each of the fundamental development areas.
With each implementation, CTP refines the MCP approach to increase its operational effectiveness. These improvements reflect knowledge gathered in drafting laws and regulations and observing best practices in partner nations that have established effective strategic trade control systems.

Training on a Global Scale

Building sustainable organizational capacity requires a trained workforce that is able to implement best practices. Our training and management staff help build organizational capacity through focused performance-oriented programs that emphasize sustainability. CTP blends adult learning principals with operational know-how to help organizations achieve their mission objectives. Building upon our years of international experience and using a multidisciplinary approach, CTP programs build capacity utilizing a structured process that incorporates the regional and local operational realities with international best practices.

Designing for Engagement

Every CTP training is designed for results-oriented career professionals who need to master conceptual and practical knowledge. We know that each person’s approach to learning is different, so CTP instructional designers create courses that are optimized for the many ways that adults absorb information. Using proven instructional design methodologies, CTP builds courses that help adult students explore learning material using activities, media, and simulations.

Adult learning principles for engagement

Modern presentation and media

Learn with exercises and simulations

Engagement Planned for every Design

By blending cognitive design principles with real-world requirements, our instructional designers deliver high-impact programs of instruction for a variety of target audiences. We look for opportunities to present practical key concepts that can be integrated into professional functions and existing workflows. CTP has designed enterprise training for organizations around the globe, including: the Departments of State, Defense, Commerce, Energy, Treasury, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Exceptional Classroom Experiences

CTP has the experience, global footprint, and resource network to ensure that every training delivery produces exceptional results. For over two decades, CTP has delivered trainings of all sizes, ranging from small, high-intensity workshops, to large, multi-week courses. Our expert instructors are adept at administering individual, group, and blended courses that combine proven learning theories with the latest technological toolsets.

Experience at the Ready

Global Execution

Reporting and Engagement

Training to Meet Your Needs

Regardless of the scope of your instructional needs, CTP will work closely with your organization to select an optimal training delivery method. CTP understands that adults learn best by doing and we build our training programs with an emphasis on practical exercises and group problem solving. Our team of experienced Instructional System Designers and seasoned instructors will construct and deliver courses to meet any organization’s professional training goals.

Interactive and Memorable

CTP creates online learning that is easy to use and encourages active participation. Our team understands how to apply today’s technology to create an instructional environment that promotes knowledge retention by using interactions and explorative learning. We apply interaction in course design to promote engagement and retention of the subject matter recognizing that learners deepen their understanding through exploration, experimentation, and immediate feedback.

Clear Learning Objectives

Story and Structure

Games and Simulations

Effectiveness by Design

CTP applies Instructional and User Centered Design methodologies to uncover the central factors that encourage interaction. We design and validate Online Learning content to ensure that it engages the target audience to achieve your organizational learning objectives. Our team develops detailed instructional plans and storyboards that will maximize the online learner’s engagement. Our entire process is optimized to build online training that achieves your organizational training goals.

Demonstrated Outcomes

CTP has delivered superior results to clients around the globe. Click on the images to the right to read examples of our work.

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