Compliance Staff Augmentation

Compliance needs often come in waves that overwhelm a company’s available resources. Whether it’s a large classification project, a surge of license requirements, or a raft of technical documents, such uneven demands are beyond the compliance staff’s capability or current budget allocation. This is especially true for lean companies and enterprises in a cyclical business that require additional support at peak times.

Whatever the cause, we’ve seen a sharp increase in companies requesting temporary staffing for their compliance projects. They cannot take on additional full time payroll burden so they come to us for trained compliance support in both the commodity classification and legal/regulatory domains. Companies occasionally need our temporary experts on-site but more often want them to support virtually, logging in remotely to perform their duties. These short-term compliance staffing projects typically range from one to six months, with additional increments as needed.

With CTP’s staff augmentation service, clients obtain instant expertise without long term obligation. Our temp workers are fully trained in export control and have the invaluable backing of our corporate experts as needed. They are equipped with new computers, high speed internet access, and a comfortably modern working environment. Excellent benefits, including health and dental care, provide job satisfaction for our temporary experts and continuity for the clients that depend on them.

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