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For this contract, CTP went back to the drawing board to create a customized course before eventually delivering it. We also ran the event, supervising all of the planning and execution. This included everything from site selection to reporting and analysis at the course’s conclusion.


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CTP has extensive experience with training delivery, specifically under EXBS.  Among the eleven-licensing events CTP has conducted for the Department of State, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, Office of Export Control Cooperation (ISN/ECC), the development and delivery of Comprehensive Advanced Licensing training in Taiwan in 2006-2007 stands out as remarkable.

First, responding to evolving requirements, CTP worked with ISN/ECC to determine the necessary modifications to address changing circumstances.  Then, working rapidly to meet ISN/ECC timelines for delivery, CTP dramatically took apart and rebuilt an advanced licensing course we had previously developed. This included going back to the drawing board and pulling new resources and information that would be more applicable to the Taiwanese students.  CTP did this so that the coursework would be more applicable to the audience.  The training was a highly customized, five-day course that included numerous exercises with real-world examples from Taiwan.  Through this process, a customizable baseline for future deliveries was also created so that there is more of a template to work from in the future for other locations.

CTP ran an international event, and managed all phases of the planning and execution.  This includes: site selection, including facility selection and decoration, media production, including print and vide, and all closeout activities and exercises, from data collection and direct sampling to reporting and analysis.  Site selection included finding an adequate space for the training, something that would fit the necessary needs.  Media production involved printing course materials and anything else necessary for the course to be run successfully.  Finally, all closeout activities and exercises encompassed final evaluations of the course from participants and creating a report to be delivered to the client about the course’s success.

The workshop for this contract covered a multitude of topics.  The best practices for licensing dual-use and military items was also thoroughly discussed.  In addition, the numerous advanced licensing topics were delved into, because they can often be quite complicated.  Finally, utilizing LOIS software on a suite of laptops demonstrated sound interagency review, which Taiwanese officials found to be of great interest.

The client was very happy with the success of this course and how it was customized to the students.  They appreciated CTP’s dedication to the project and tailoring the course to the students.  This is evidence of our commitment not only to the client, but to maintaining a standard of quality.

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