International Logistics Management

Managing Events Around the World


CTP has extensive corporate experience providing high-level logistical support for international events over the last twenty years. This includes managing more than 1,441 activities in 88 countries for our USG clients, including 50+ major conferences. Uniquely qualified to support small and intimate delegations as well as providing support for these large training events and international conferences, CTP has a breadth of experience providing event and logistics management services to multiple U.S. Government Agencies in support of domestic and international outreach programs.


Program Management
Training Delivery
Event Planning


CTP has worked extensively throughout the world providing logistics support services.  Throughout our tenure as a service provider contracted directly to the Department of State, CTP has completed more than 300 tasks in total, with almost 200 activities completed in the last five years alone. Each of these events have required the components of logistical support as well as data-driven pricing that ensures tailored and cost-efficient service and an existing and experienced logistical support team.  Under contract with the Department of Commerce, CTP successfully executed more than 240 activities in 40+ countries, providing the full suite of logistical requirements for tasks in varying size and scope. CTP regularly responded to requests for logistical and travel support, quickly providing price and technical proposals for each request. CTP then rapidly mobilized our network of vendors and our team of project managers and logisticians to implement the requirements of the event. CTP has also provided logistical services and support to the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force under a BPA with the Department of the Navy. CTP’s turnkey support services involved making all necessary arrangements for conferences, seminars and trainings. CTP regularly coordinates the training, travel, lodging, M&IE, and other logistical arrangements for participants to and from the DOS/INL’s West Africa Regional Training Center. From 2011 to date, CTP has provided these support services for nearly 251 training activities at the RTC with over 4,500 participants.  CTP has supported DOE in organizing regional conferences in Asia, South America, Europe and Africa to update existing national partners and to inform potential candidates of the value of radiation detection at their ports. These requirements included logistical support for the conduct of the conference as well as completing travel logistics for participants.

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