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CTP was entirely responsible for the West Africa Regional Training Center (RTC) site build-out. This included site selection, the construction process, furnishing the facility, vetting and hiring local staff, and selecting vendors. Since the RTC opened, there have been more than 100 trainings hosted at the facility.


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In 2012, CTP started a centralized training facility in Accra, Ghana to facilitate regional law enforcement training.  The West Africa Regional Training Center (RTC) is one of the cornerstones of INL’s successful West Africa Cooperative Security Initiative.  CTP selected the site upon which to build the facility and managed the construction process.  During the build-out, CTP furnished the entire facility to include two large training rooms that accommodate 50 participants each, a kitchen, production room, conference space, student lounge, staff offices, and outdoor terrace for receptions that we had furnished entirely by a local Ghanaian craftsman.  Only five months after signing the contract, CTP officially opened the RTC with a three-week pilot training program on criminal investigative analysis.  Since opening the RTC’s doors in January 2013, CTP has managed all aspects of facility operations, maintenance, build-out, and event logistics for over 100 training deliveries.

Ramp up

Our staff identified, vetted and hired highly qualified, full-time local personnel to staff the new center. CTP has broad-ranging experience staffing multiple contracts and programs and was able to quickly staff the RTC with a top-notch team.  We also secured vendors for cleaning services, maintenance, IT support, and security services and developed standard procedures for dealing with maintenance issues, security, and other facility concerns.


Catering for the RTC is subcontracted to a local provider so that training participants can enjoy the local Ghanaian food and culture. The RTC maintains a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure that the facility is always in top working order. This includes scheduling regular maintenance and ensuring accountability to alert the appropriate parties that something is needed and to ensure that the task is completed.

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