Export Licensing

CTP Provides Export Licensing Expertise to Clients.


As a one-stop shop for export compliance services, CTP has the technical and regulatory expertise to help clients with all of their compliance needs. While CTP may be initially tasked with an export classification project, it is common for clients to request additional services as new opportunities and needs arise. A common example is licensing assistance, helping companies prepare and submit applications within the DTrade or SNAP-R licensing systems.


Export Licensing
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CTP provides export licensing assistance on an ongoing basis for a parts and components manufacturer in the defense industry. Although the company has an internal compliance team, CTP offers license support for surge requests as the company’s international orders have increased. For items subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), CTP files export license applications with BIS as a third party on the company’s behalf. For items subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), CTP prepares DSP-5 license applications and technical assistance agreements for review and submission by the client.

Because CTP has both technical engineers and regulatory experts on staff, CTP is able to determine and/or confirm the appropriate export classification, advise on the availability of license exemptions or exceptions, and prepare export licenses for submission. Having worked closely for multiple years, the client and CTP have developed an efficient working relationship where licenses are often filed on the day of the request and export license approvals are received more quickly than the average BIS license processing time.

Clients derive multiple benefits from relying on CTP for their export licensing needs. CTP has the resources and diverse expertise to handle both complex and high-volume requests. CTP experts are familiar with the client’s products, business model and are thus able to suggest the most prudent and efficient path forward. Most importantly, CTP works like adjunct staff, providing expert, on-call service without additional payroll burden.

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