Alumni Engagement and Evaluation

Captivating Alumni and Clients for a Lasting Relationship


CTP developed an online platform to compliment the training program at the West Africa Regional Training Center (RTC).  This online platform was designed to provide RTC alumni with an online location, from which they could maintain and grow professional relationships after attending a course.  The platform was built with peer-to-peer chat features, online resources, and a digital directory.

In addition to the web portal, CTP facilitated outreach programs that kept alumni informed and engaged in the RTC operations and greater law enforcement community.  The outreach efforts encompassed several digital delivery channels, including email and social media.  Each component of this effort had built-in data-driven toolsets that enabled detailed reporting to be conducted.


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Website portal

A website portal was created for alumni of the RTC to use after they have completed their training where they can connect with their classmates, view the courses that they have taken, and see other courses that are available to them. There is a messaging section on the website where alumni are able to communicate with their fellow participants which encourages collaboration on their work. They are also able to contact their instructors for clarification on material and to show how they are putting their new skills to use. In looking at the courses that they have taken, the alumni can see the work that they completed for each course, all of the training materials and notes, and their pre and post-course exams. Finally, there is a schedule area in the blog where the RTC’s schedule is shown and participants can see the courses that are scheduled in the future with descriptions so they know what might be applicable to them and their careers.


After a participant completes a course, they are frequently sent emails and newsletters to keep them engaged with what is going on at the center. Frequently sending alumni emails creates a sense of community and shows participants that the RTC is still thinking about them and also keeps them interested with what is going on at the RTC. The emails reference content that was recently shared on social media by or about the RTC and reminding participants to follow the RTC twitter account and “like” the Facebook page. The newsletters have highlights about: courses and events happening at the RTC, students that were at the RTC for a course, alumni stories detailing how their coursework has correlated with their careers, and an interesting topic having to do with West African law enforcement.

Feedback about the RTC is very important to CTP and the client. A survey is sent to participants six months after completing their course to ask about their experience, accommodations, transportation, and time at the RTC. The students are encouraged to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback which forms the data used to continuously improve the learning experience and to, which enables a clearer evaluation of customer satisfaction and class performance.

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