Strategic Planning Support for International Programs

CTP has worked for several U.S. government agencies, implementing outreach initiatives in export control, non-proliferation, law enforcement, anti-terrorism, anti-corruption, and border security. We provide can provide specific solutions or full lifecycle support, including: strategic planning, program management, course/curriculum design, logistics, instruction, evaluation, and archiving.

Of them all, strategic planning is arguably the most important phase in this cyclical process since U.S. Program Managers are striving to deliver the right solutions in the correct sequence. CTP tools enable program planners to think on a 3-5 year horizon with both technical and policy information at their fingertips.

We start by gathering data extracts from assessments, reporting cables, bilateral meetings, and reports from embassy officers and 3rd party experts, placing all these in a searchable database. Later, during planning sessions, we bring up the latest information from each country. As options are discussed, we track multiple out-years of proposed activities in dozens of countries. The tool enables our clients to track and generate reports on proposed activities by country, by year, by subject matter, etc.  If budgets are limited, we can prioritze activities and show different funding scenarios.