Software Customization

CTP has created and indigenized/localized several types of software solutions in support of U.S. international programs, often involving export control and border security. These operational tools consist of databases, job aids, document templates, keyword search engines, and customized training, all integrated into a simple interface for managing and utilizing the program information. We initially work in English, then customize the baseline version into local versions with the correct language, laws, policies and procedures.  This process is called “indigenization” or “localization.”

To date, we have customized our various tools for the specific conditions of 20+ foreign government partners and achieved a 100% acceptance rate.  Our extensive collaboration with recipient organizations, as well as supportive NGOs and subcontractors, has been instrumental in creating high-value solutions that work immediately, effectively, and reliably.

software customization

Once the software is customized, we plan and manage a series of deployment workshops in conjunction with local government and NGO presenters. Over the course of several hundred such localization activities, CTP has provided hands-on training to over 10,000 foreign experts. Examples of software customization/localization projects include:

  • Internal Control Program (ICP)
  • Product Identification Tool (PIT)
  • Licensing Officer Instructional Simulation (LOIS)