Meeting Facilitation & Planning

CTP has facilitated hundreds of workshops and conferences in the United States and around the world. We tailor our solutions to the client’s needs, from the development of agendas and on-site meeting facilitation to the host of logistical tasks necessary to plan and manage an event. Note: For logistics, go to section:  Conference & Event Management.

If requested to plan and facilitate the meeting, we follow a series of simple steps:

  • Initial Briefing – Verify program objectives, potential concerns, and expectations.
  • Strategic Goals – Identify, clarify, prioritize and quantify the strategic goals.
  • Agenda Planning – Create “purpose-oriented” design to achieve the Strategic Goals. Utilize meeting techniques and modalities to generate attention, sustain interest, transfer knowledge, stimulate action, and boost retention.
  • On-Site Facilitation – Guide the program with introductions, transitions, time-keeping, and on-going facilitation. Use concluding session to synthesize and reinforce the issues.
  • Note-taking – As appropriate, write key points on large flip charts, both to note their importance and as a technique to focus the discussion.
  • Reporting – Debrief with the client to confirm that the objectives were attained and the Strategic Goals were addressed. If there are future sessions planned, they will adjust theAgenda as needed.