Regional Intelligence and Information Sharing Frameworks to Combat Transnational Organized Crime

The threat from Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) has worsened and grown in complexity over the past 25 years. These groups are extremely difficult to target, because of their fluid nature, the capability of disguising funding streams, and the national challenges to provide for centralized intelligence gathering techniques. Regional alliances for similar intelligence collection processes, analysis, and counterintelligence are a critical solution to the TOC problem. These efforts should be mirrored In the US so that law enforcement Information, albeit protected, can be assimilated In to foreign counterpart databases as allowed.

CTP facilitates relationship development between regional partners. Enhancing regional intelligence and information sharing is a necessary first step in countering major drug trafficking and narco-terrorism organizations that operate across jurisdictional boundaries. Ensuring that these processes are legislated so that they can be applied is part of the solution. Information exchange in the criminal justice arena without protocols or integrity among the sharing participants can result in serious harm to those lawfully engaged. CTP has the know-how to substantially upgrade the Strategic Intelligence Production Processes (SIPP), so that actionable information can be captured in a timely manner with the goal of successful prosecutions and incarceration as well as asset seizures.

CTP helps to develop a capacity for greater information sharing between international partners. We understand how to create closer cooperation among the diplomatic, intelligence, military, law enforcement, financial, information, and legislative (DIMEFIL) communities. CTP is adept at augmenting intelligence and enforcement initiatives to meet TOC threats. Our experts have the experience to review current collection priorities, including the National Intelligence Priorities Framework, and determine how best to enhance DIMEFIL intelligence against the highest-level TOC threats to regional national security.

CTP is a Trusted and Experienced Law Enforcement Partner

CTP’s Regional Intelligence and Information Sharing framework aims to:

  • Codify and Enhance intelligence collection, analysis, and counterintelligence
  • Improve operational capacity and safety of law enforcement
  • Strengthen cooperation among key partners
  • Develop stronger relationships between the law enforcement and the DIMEFIL communities
  • Promote intelligence sharing and enhanced cooperation with multilateral, senior-level exchanges
  • Continuously update the National Intelligence Priorities Framework to align current TOC threats.
  • Amplify analysis capabilities of the National Security Community
  • Leverage regional information-sharing to identify TOC actors and exclude them from the participating states

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