Export Control

CTP has worked in support of the Department of Commerce and the State Department to foster technical cooperation with over 88 countries around the world. In the course of our work in each country, we typically facilitate the passage of empowering export control laws and regulations, the adoption of a uniform national export control list, the establishment of an effective licensing process, the creation of enforcement (prevention, investigative, prosecutorial) capabilities, and then, finally, a widespread industry outreach program to communicate the new system to the most important audience: the exporters.

We have created a variety of software tools that facilitate export control efforts at different stages in the global supply chain.  The Internal Control Program (ICP) help companies set up their export controls. The Tracker system enables governments to accept and process electronic applications for export licenses. Our Licensing Officer Instructional Simulation (LOIS) software is a training tool for local licensing officers to practice evaluating compliance criteria on an export license application. When the product finally reaches the border, our Product Identification Tool (PIT) is a database that enables border guards to better understand what they are looking at and why it may (or may not be) an item of proliferation concern.  After developing the English baseline versions, we have indigenized these tools for use in various countries, tailoring them to the local language and legal framework.

Seen together, our experience with compliance training and customized software tools indicate that we are well qualified to assist USG initiatives in export control cooperation.