In cooperation with the National Institute of Ethics, CTP has created a practice focusing on corruption prevention and integrity awareness. Our experts have established anti-corruption programs in many organizations around the world. CTP’s approach blends mentoring and leadership training to enhance a culture of integrity, with further instruction on establishing the procedural infrastructure necessary to prevent corruption opportunities

CTP’s Anti-Corruption workshop explores ethics definitions, examines questionable behavior, and highlights the impact of individual choices. Participants learn a framework for ethical decision making, helping to establish indigenous anticorruption principles and guidelines. Participants learn to evaluate their agency’s ethical integrity, identify possible causes of corruption, and examine their organization’s code of conduct. Participants evaluate risks for various scenarios and identify ways to address these challenges. They discuss how individual integrity can be compromised and how this corruption can permeate an entire organization. Finally, the course identifies and strengthens leadership skills that combat unethical behavior and reviews the critical elements of an integrity program.