Domain Expertise Overview

CTP has over 300 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with international experience in strategic trade controls, border security, anti-terrorism, anti-corruption, counter-narcotics, monitoring and evaluation. We use SMEs first to create the required new courses, working with our Instructional Systems Designers according to client specifications, then later to deliver them, supported by our Program Managers and Logisticians and their suite of program management tools.

Our instructors have worked all over the world, often for weeks on end in harsh and austere environments, supported by our full-time staff back in Alexandria, VA. We have an exemplary track record for delivering on-time, under-budget, and highly rated programs, and for expanding or refining these activities nimbly upon request. CTP also has an excellent reputation within the large pool of SMES, stemming from the consistent and fair treatment we provide to our consultants.

CTP’s experts have previously worked for the Departments of Commerce, State, Defense, Homeland Security, Customs, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Agency, and other U.S. agencies. Several have corporate experience in a variety of large and small businesses, enabling us to bring a broad perspective to our clients’ issues.