Training Deployment

CTP has worked on behalf of U.S. government outreach activities since 1993, instructing government and industry officials in over 60 countries.  Our successful track record is the result of our reliance on Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodologies, expressly designed to transfer knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to adult, expert learners.  This is true in both the design and the delivery of our courses, which employ multi-modal teaching techniques to increase interest, maintain attention, and boost retention.

training deployment

From the technical perspective, we are fortunate to have a large and growing number (300+) of Subject Matter Experts who are accomplished in their respective domains and experienced in teaching foreign audiences. See section: Domain Expertise. As for logistics, CTP utilizes event and program management tools, such as the Activity Task Timeline (ATT) and the Master Activity Tracking System (MATS), as well our established network of Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) and Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) to provide affordable local support. The most important aspect is our procedural insistence upon Quality Assurance (QA) milestones in every task, coupled with our corporate commitment to continuous improvement.