Customized Training

CTP connects instructional designers with leading subject matter experts to create English baseline courses that reflect current best practices in our various domains of expertise, including export control, nonproliferation, border security, anti-corruption, and anti-terrorism. These courses are then tailored to the target audience and local environment (linguistic, legal, cultural, etc.) enabling CTP to ensure the consistent transfer and retention of knowledge, skills, and abilities to the intended audience, often foreign experts. Note: The strategic use of local examples, regional perspectives, and relevant issues add critical depth and texture to CTP-designed course offerings. See our section on Training Development.

Once the courses are customized, we commence the delivery program. Plans may call for singular events or a sequence of deliveries throughout a country or region. For several practical reasons we always use at least two domain experts, both familiar with the challenges of international deliveries, including cultural differences and the subtleties of working via simultaneous translation. We ensure that the logistical details are fully handled in advance and usually provide local on-site support staff as a precaution.

Using these methods, CTP has delivered several hundred seminars and workshops in more than 60 countries. In addition to instructor-led workshops, CTP has developed a suite of online delivery platforms, enabling foreign experts to access web-based materials on a 24/7 basis or via the use of webinars.