West African Regional Training Center

Criminal threats and illicit networks are expanding dramatically in size, scope, and influence throughout Africa, posing national security risks that are both transnational and trans-regional. To combat these threats, the United States Government is working to simultaneously promote 1) inter-regional cooperation at the highest levels and 2) build relationships and capacities among career law enforcement officials throughout West Africa.

CTP's Regional Training Center in Accra, Ghana

As part of these strategies, CTP has established a Regional Training Center (RTC) in Accra, Ghana under the guidance of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau (INL) at the Department of State. The RTC will be staffed by four full-time CTP employees at the facility, with oversight provided by the CTP Program Office in Alexandria, VA. CTP can provide complete training solutions, including logistics and design/delivery of the program, or stay completely in the background as the Facility Manager.

For procurement, the Regional Training Center (RTC-Ghana) can be accessed through the INL office in Washington or through CTP’s listing on GSA PSS. This modern full-service facility is intended to support the West Africa Cooperative Security Initiative (WACSI) and the Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime approach of building on proven partnerships, investing in future relationships, and creating regional networks in West Africa. For summaries of the  facility and services offered, see these links:

African Training Center – Full Service Options
African Training Center – Facility Only