South and Central Asia

Since 1993, we have worked throughout South and Central Asia on behalf of various USG agencies. These were cooperative efforts to assist partner governments in creating export control licensing infrastructure, establishing customized enforcement training in their Customs training academies, and addressing terrorist threats. CTP has also developed online compliance training tools for native industries and has worked with several countries in this region to deploy customized (indigenized) software systems.

CTP’s ongoing work in Central Asia includes the Kyrgyz Republic since 1997, Tajikistan since 1999, and Turkmenistan since 1997, as well as nine years of engagement in Uzbekistan. Our longest engagement has been in Kazakhstan, where CTP worked from 1993 through 2007 to help them develop their national export control system. Further south, we’ve worked on various USG initiatives with India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh since 2004. In Pakistan, we helped them build their new export control administration from scratch in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We worked with our Indian government counterparts to create an e-learning portal to house several courses on export control and trade security. CTP initiated its cooperation with Bangladesh in 2005, focusing at first on anti-terrorism training, then expanding in 2009 to include export control procedures.