Remote and Dangerous

Few areas are truly considered “remote” any longer but CTP routinely supports our clients in hazardous regions of the world. Our expert teams deal regularly with travel advisory situations, including restricted travel, security escorts, targeted and barricaded hotels, and extensive vaccination requirements. As such, we choose our experts carefully and provide additional training so they comport themselves discreetly and safely; minimize their profile; and arrange security briefings with cognizant personnel to stay abreast of latest threat information. Before leaving the U.S, they are provided with appropriate insurance coverage, modern communication tools, and clear “safety first” guidance.


As part of a review of a major non-government organization’s compliance with the United States government’s Sudan embargo and related sanctions, CTP experts worked and traveled in several Sudan locations to audit and assess the client organization’s operations, conducting interviews and inspections as well as building awareness of compliance needs. With stints in Khartoum, Juba, and Nairobi (Kenya), CTP experts calmly faced threats from Sudan’s continuing civil war, terrorism, and anti-Western sentiment.


In 2011, CTP was hired to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Afghan Mining industry, notably Marble, and to produce a Feasibility Study for the creation of one or more “Centers of Excellence” in various industry sectors that can help the Afghan economy to revitalize and stabilize after the withdrawal of U.S. troops and funding during 2013. Our teams traveled to various regions using armored vehicles, security guards, and secure meeting facilities and accommodation.

In late 2008, CTP conducted a series of three workshops in Kabul, Afghanistan. Two instructors received intensive advance training in self-defense and medical preparations before traveling on tightly-controlled itineraries. Staying in Embassy bunkers, the teams traveled daily by armored car and in flak jackets to the previously-attacked venue location. Undeterred, CTP instructors continue to work with Afghan counterparts to advance cooperation and our client’s objectives.

Central Asia

CTP began working throughout Russia and the Central Asian Republics in the mid-1990s, well before the resurgence of international interest in the region enhanced its accessibility and services. In Russia alone, beginning in 1995 with Executive Exchanges, CTP has worked with a variety of U.S. government agencies and Russian government, nonprofit, and industry partners throughout Russia’s eleven time zones. In total, CTP has conducted over two hundred events in over 70 locations throughout Siberia, the Urals, the Caucasus, and the Central Asian countries known now as the “-Stans.”