East Asia and Pacific

Since 2000, CTP has supported USG initiatives throughout the East Asia region, including events in China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. CTP has worked with these nations to develop their trade security systems, beginning with facilitating exchanges of key officials to gain consensus/commitment and then continuing through the developmental lifecycle needed to stand up a new national system. In particular, we worked intensively with Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam to establish and customize their strategic trade control systems and to augment border security.

Several CTP-developed software tools are in use in this region. In Taiwan we customized the Internal Control Program (ICP) tool, including a localized Restricted Parties Screening function that enables industry to screen for parties of concern by conducting fuzzy logic searches on national and international lists. Our National Control List Portal website was developed to assist nations like the Philippines in evaluating the appropriateness of the EU Model List to their circumstances. In recent years, we have expanded our emphasis to include crisis response training with Indonesia and counterterrorism training with Thailand.

CTP’s strong relationships with local partners help us establish regional credibility, gain effectiveness in managing events and initiatives, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency.