Technical Documents

Technical Documents (TAA, MLA, or TCP) – In our globalized economy, there are many situations where companies want (or need) to share controlled technical data with a foreign person or provide defense services in a foreign country. These situations call for specific documents that conform precisely to government regulations.  Such documents include Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA), Manufacturing Licensing Agreements (MLA), and Technology Control Plans (TCP).  CTP experts are often engaged to write, review, or revise these important documents. Our compliance staff include engineers and legal specialists whose extensive technical experience equips them to draft these documents at a fraction of the cost of a law firm.

Voluntary Self-Disclosures – A VSD is necessary when a company discovers it has committed a violation and wants to inform BIS or DDTC. The proactive VSD usually mitigates significant penalties from the U.S. government. Companies must demonstrate that they have investigated how and why the violation happened, and have put in place compliance procedures to insure the violation will not happen again. CTP experts can help companies in VSD situations in four ways:

  1. Clarify the current violation, including how and why it occurred
  2. Identify any other violations that may be occurring
  3. Define and deploy compliance solutions as needed
  4. Draft/edit the disclosure promptly, including the facts that maximize mitigation