Export Control Compliance System

Faced with increasing compliance challenges and penalties, proactive executives are seeking to manage their risks in an efficient and effective manner through the development of a comprehensive corporate Export Control Compliance System.

Compliance Policies & Procedures FAQ

CTP has developed tools, templates, and software precisely for this purpose.  Our compliance solutions have been deployed thousands of foreign and domestic companies. We will work with your staff to first assess your export control compliance system then customize it to address your corporate needs:

  • Create a compliance manual, complete with written policies and procedures, classification matrix, and templates
  • Deploy and train staff members, especially the compliance team
  • Provide electronic “tutorials” for use 24/7 by client staff

We have a Customizable Manual Maker available for purchase that enables small and mid-sized companies to develop and document their various export control policies and procedures in a comprehensive manner, according to industry best practices. 

Click for our Customizable Compliance Manual Maker

Our Customizable Manual Maker features specific written instructions to guide clients through each component of the manual, complemented by an extensive reference section providing further explanations, templates, and examples. In addition, we include 60 days of onboarding support to help company officials customize the compliance policies and procedures to meet organizational needs and integrate them with other internal processes.