Essential Compliance Documents

Corporate Compliance Challenge: There are a number of essential documents that a company must develop and update in order to maintain an effective export control compliance systems. Managers must know the following :

Does the company have an Export Management System (EMS) Manual?

  • Is it current & comprehensive?
  • Does it include all departments and functions?
  • Is it coordinated with training materials and job descriptions?

Does a proper Commodity Classification Matrix exist?

  • How recently was the matrix created or updated?
  • Who assigned the ECCN or USML numbers?  Were classifications conducted in-house or by suppliers?
  • Does the matrix include products, technologies and software?
  • Does the matrix contain Schedule B and HTS codes?

Are all the necessary Technical Documents current?

  • Technology Assistance Agreements (TAAs)
  • Technology Control Plan (TCPs)
  • Management Licensing Agreements (MLAs)

CTP Solutions: We offer an excellent template to help you create an EMS Manual and we support this with on-site or virtual assistance in customizing it to your needs. Our engineers can provide on-site training for your technical staff or provide direct Classification Services to verify and/or build your Product/Technology Classification Matrix. Our legal/regulatory specialists can help you create or modify your Technical Documents, adapting to new situations and risk management strategies.