Compliance Solutions & Risk Management Strategies

CTP provides the full spectrum of export control compliance services, including classification, auditing, training, and technical documents.  We work directly for companies or on behalf of their law firm, with one project often leading to CTP performing an ongoing support role.  See a sampling of solutions and situations below.

Not sure about your compliance status?  See our Self Assessment Tool below for a quick, easy and free diagnostic.

Corporate Compliance Solutions

Exporting companies and the executives charged with maintaining compliance are faced with many challenges. Assembled below are examples of typical challenges, arranged in three categories. Select an entry to see more detailed description:

Case Studies of CTP Compliance Services

Companies utilize our compliance services in different ways.  Some come to CTP needing specific assistance with defined projects, typically large scale classification projects or compliance audits.  Other companies want ongoing assistance on an “on-call” basis where we function like adjunct staff, just a phone call away.  We frequently lend technical support to law firms, providing technical assistance or 3rd party audits for their clients. We provide real examples of CTP projects below:

Self-Assessment Snapshot – What Is Your Compliance Rating?

This tool is intended to give an executive a “snapshot” of the compliance status of the corporation. The 12 questions will take 3 – 5 minutes and afterward you will receive an email summary of strengths and weaknesses, along with a color-coded chart and prioritized recommendations. There is no cost or obligation.

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