Export Compliance Training – Targeted & Practical

Training is an essential component of any corporate endeavor, particularly when the issues are complex and the risks are high. Both conditions are certainly true of export control compliance, but the training needs within the company are not equal. The program can be tailored to fit the needs of the various employees, training them on an “as-needed” basis to fulfill their role in the compliance program.

With this in mind, CTP has created a suite of web-based training modules, organized in three logical groups that reduce cost and increase efficiency:

  1. Introductory/Overview modules introduce the concepts and terms and are prerequisites to understanding all the others.
  2. Department/Role modules match the structure of a typical mid-size company.
  3. Export Compliance Officer/Team modules pertain to the key challenges in building and maintaining the compliance system.

compliance training

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In addition to this targeted curriculum, there are several other distinct benefits:

  • The CTP training modules are web-based for 24/7 access.
  • It is possible to track usage by employee and even test apprehension and retention.
  • There are no development costs unless customized training is required.
  • CTP ensures that all content is up to date with current export control regulations.
  • Modules are designed to work in conjunction with the CTP Compliance Manual.

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