Customizable Tools – Overview

To meet export compliance requirements and manage the risk of violations, companies need a comprehensive set of solutions. Successful companies need to develop and document an integrated set of policies and procedures, train people to understand and implement those systems, and regularly assess the results and improve incrementally. Viewed together, these elements comprise an Export Compliance System, a multi-faceted solution to a complex challenge.

To help companies meet this need, CTP has developed a suite of export compliance tools geared towards small to mid-sized companies. Each tool can be utilized on a stand-alone basis, but they are designed to work in unison as a complete solution. These web-based templates are easy to access and use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each company. Detailed guidance is included with each tool and CTP can provide technical support to assist with the customization.

Listed below, and on the right hand menu, are the essential compliance tools. They can be purchased individually but they are more effective and affordable as a bundle:

  • Export Control Manual – Customizable policies and procedures
  • Compliance Training Modules – 21 Modules in 3 groups, designed for “as needed” use
  • Comprehensive Audit Tool – Recommended for regular internal use. Customizable